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world (maybe) ending in 2013?

i heard that 2012 is the end of the myan calander thats why they think it will end there but i heard in 2013 that there will be a solar wave from the sun and will strike earth and turn the sky red and will cause a mas global blackout for at least 3 years (worst case scenario……..something worse will happen)

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 Mayan Calendar

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August 31, 2011

The next solar maximum in 2013 is predicted to be less intense than the last in 2001:
Since we don’t seem to have suffered a red sky and 3 year global blackout in 2001, I would say that the chances of it happening in 2013 are even less.
Pay no attention to crackpot websites spouting unscientific nonsense.
2012 is a hoax, by the way.

August 31, 2011

This is not necessary, ’cause those researches are almost not proven. And, i really wonder if we’re 100% sure that we’ll live till 2013?!
I mean.. We should always live like there’s no tomorrow.

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