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What Is Up With All These 2012'ers ON YouTube And Forum's (Please Read)?

Seriously its like these people ether want the world to end, make money, want attention, or have no life. I myself believe the world is changing and its always good to have disaster preparness, but am not doom and gloom nor believe the world is ending in 2012.

I have done my research on this issue and have found a group of sites and You Tubers that seem to have no life but to stay up all night and look at any sign or Earth, or Space Activity which automatically draws conclusion that the world will end. Most of their arguments to those who say scientist say they have no proof, show their proof such as the wondering pole last year towards Siberia, the suns up in activity, connected solar storm with earthquakes, and dead birds. What they dont understand is that since we have the internet, social media and advances in science instruments, we pick these things up more. I am sure when Tambora erupted in 1815, and the 1859 Solar storm occurred and we have what we have now, people would believe the world was ending.

These are the sources that cause to the most trouble

The Extinction Protocol
How To Survive 2012

(Laid back guy some respect for him but pumps out massive quantity’s of doom and gloom "evidence" videos of the world ending)

(This guy looks like an old hobo that all he does all day is go on websites looking for depressing natural disasters, and theories that promote the world is ending pumping out massive quantities of "Doomsday Updates")

There are much more, but these I think are the most crazy. These people say NASA is lying which is understandable, since they are Government involved, but when you have notable scientists such as MIchio Kaku and Neil Degrasse Tyson against this hysteria and pseudoscience, even Modern Maya People are against it. The 2012’ers excuse are, they are getting paid by the government or are forced to lie? I mean these are smart people that care about humanity over money so why would they lie?

Does Anybody know whats up with these people and why, despite the evidence from real scientists, they promote doom and gloom videos? Thanks

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011 Prepper Survival

3 Comments to What Is Up With All These 2012'ers ON YouTube And Forum's (Please Read)?

Satan Claws
July 31, 2011

I have not met one person in real life that actually believes this 2012 crackpottery. I would like to meet one, so I can discuss with him/her in 2013 how they feel.

For the rest, it’s same old same old here on Y!A. It’s just repeating the same material over and over again, and hope that we can convince some kids not to commit suicide. This isn’t something that should be dismissed, but taken seriously. Particularly when you think of instances such as this
where the scaremongers don’t seem to have been held accountable for the hysteria.

The best you can do is to prepare yourself in terms of science, practice a lot by talking to people, and address each concern individually (they’ll try to overwhelm you with questions, and when you can’t speak to everyone at the same time they’ll take it as a sign of weakness).
Good preparation pays a lot in assuring people, because many of them don’t learn enough science in school to know any better (that’s just for the nerds, right?). So the tone of the message, as unfortunate as it seems, does have a lot of weight in convincing those people. But on an internet forum, the tone of voice counts for very little; just on media such as Youtube for example. And then you have guys like this:

July 31, 2011

There have always been people like that. But now days they have this wonderful free (well, free except for your cable bill) communication method called the internet. In the good old days you would most likely never have heard of any of these people.

July 31, 2011

They’re either fear mongering for the sake of it, for cash or for lack of sanity. I really don’t know why some people on YouTube and elsewhere on the web think that an insignificant comet called Elenin (officially categorized as C/2010 X1) is either Nibiru, a rogue brown dwarf star or part of the Hopi prophecy. But they do and one should feel sorry for them being so deluded and gullible.
There is, however, the very real threat of X-Class solar flares from the Sun being directed towards Earth during Solar Maximum over the next 2 years. But these individuals on YouTube simply argue from ignorance or plain idiocy about 2012, and dismiss NASA counter-arguments as part of a wider U.S. government cover-up.

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