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What did the Aztecs say about 2012?

So I know there’s this all this hype going on about the Mayan calendar and 2012, but I prefer to look at it from an Azteca perspective.

According to the Aztecs, we are living in the 5th sun, or creation, and that this sun will eventually be destroyed by quakes, similar to how the previous four creations were destroyed by hurricanes, a fiery rain, jaguars, and a flood.

The finite perspective on time that the Aztecs held is particularly interesting to me. I understand that 2012 is not simply another completion of the 52-year Calendar Round, but part of an even greater cycle? As far as I know, there are no greater cycles than the Calendar Round, so there was no starting point or zero date of Aztec history, therefore time will continue in ceaseless cycles. So why is it said that 4 Olin be destroyed in 2012? I just can’t find any evidence for this through Aztec calendar research!

Also, does anyone know if there are any communities in Mesoamerica today that still celebrate some form of the New Fire Ceremony?

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Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 Aztec Calendar

5 Comments to What did the Aztecs say about 2012?

June 30, 2010

Actually, neither the Mayans nor Aztecs said anything about 2012.
2012 is a modern American invention, it’s a New Age theory.

The Mayans NEVER predicted the end of the world.
And the Aztecs never predicted that either. 4 Olin does not reference any "end times" activity.

Both Mayans and Aztecs have had their histories distorted by white people over the last 500 years.
The entire idea of the Fifth Sun is also probably misunderstood to us as well. It probably refers to the center point that exists within the 4 Directions, as symbolized by the Four Suns.

P.S. There may be scattered "New Fire ceremonies" performed in Mexico, but remember…the Spaniards DESTROYED Indian civilizations, burned their books, forced them to stop writing and learning their astronomy.


June 30, 2010

We are rational people that can see through the primitive mythologies of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism so ready to embrace the mythologies of stone age meso-Americans?

Willow Moon
June 30, 2010

a lot, check it out on

June 30, 2010

They said that the Democrats would be re-elected in 2012

mazatzin aztekayolokalli
July 12, 2011

Posted on July 12, 2011 by mazatzin85
MAZATZIN @ THE FORUM North Hollywood

Learning to see without eyes … While everyone is watching and waiting for 2012 with great anxiety for not knowing what is coming at us … We note and await with great urgency, knowing that we must return to the rhythm of the cosmos, so that we can prepare and take advantage of this new cycle that comes and will take us to 2012 and beyond. We are re-introducing “The Ancient Mexika Chronological System: a human experience to personal transcendence, commonly known as the Aztek and Maya Calendars. In an effort to manifest the potential and the responsibility inherent in that piece of time that I was born in, which was year 6 House and the day 1 Flint, I invite you to a “re-introduction to your cosmic identity and responsibility ” where we can correlate your birth date and time with the ancient manuscripts which will show us your place in the cosmos.”… the first step toward true education is the knowledge of oneself, recognizing the qualities and aptitudes one already possesses …” Cosmic identity is not based on the color of your skin, eyes or your hair nor your nationality or place of origin, but is based on the date and time of your birth, when one takes that first breath of life. This moment is then correlated to the old calendar system of our ancestors developed on this continent (hemisphere) that came to culminate in what is commonly known as the Mayan and Azteka calendar system. This system is recognized by modern science to be the most precise measurement of time, ever developed.

We call this the Ancient Mexika Chronological System: A Human Experience Towards Personal Transcendence with Global Consequences. Mexika because it was completed and emanates from what was then, and now, Mexiko Tenochtitlan, today’s Mexico City. This information of the celestial mechanics was obtained after thousands of years, covering thousands of miles spanning the continent and in participation with thousands of peoples. This then became the law of the land that was based on the law of the cosmos in a perfectly balanced duality… of being; at the same time both an individual and part of the cosmos.

Throughout the continent, our peoples further developed their calendars to their own environment, but never losing the common theme of the rhythms and cycles of the moon, Venus, and the apparent movement of the Sun as seen from Earth, which correlate with the cycle of human gestation. These calendars were developed with the express purpose of helping human beings to remain aligned and in harmony with nature to the rhythm of the cosmos for a more productive life.

We find evidence of this in the Honorable Deganawidah in Onondaga (Canada) and the Confederation planting the Tree of Peace which invites all men and all nations to seek refuge under that tree if they are willing to respect the “Great Law of Peace”. We find it in Mexico also in the Tolteka Chichimeka teachings and concepts of Honorable Ketzalkoatl, which means “precious twin”; it is the Honorable Kulkulkan, and “In Lakech” of the Mayab which means that you are my other self, also recognized as the Honorable Gugumatz and finally it is the Honorable Viracocha in Machu Picchu (Peru), and there are many others. In summary, they developed a cosmic profile for each piece of time and each child was so recognized and his name was akin to its cosmic identity, which would eventually lead to their responsibility as a reflection of their potential.

We can return to that rhythm now, and we must. Incidentally, the second express purpose this calendar was developed was so they may teach their children to live a permanently just and happy life, recognizing that to make others happy is the means to happiness and that justice means justice for all.

Unfortunately, like most of our wisdom teachings and our cultural inheritance which was then considered “new world”, this information has been misunderstood, as it was only discovered and analyzed and reported according to the perspective of the “old world”. While many disciplines and good schools of thought have emerged from a lot of this knowledge for hundreds of years, yet the depth of the psychological and corporeal human value that is buried deep in its symbolism is still under debate among “experts.” Worse yet, we as human beings are failing to take full advantage of this knowledge and wisdom of cosmic proportions that can lead us towards a more harmonious and peaceful co-existence with each other and the environment that surrounds us. I offer this study to develop your “Birth Codex” reading the original Codex Borgia (now at the Vatican Library) in personal consultations, family or for your organization or school. We can work together to continue the preparation for 2012.

And please see our website for daily tracking of Days of the Sun in the ancient calendar.

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