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VirtualLight #6 ~ The perfect storm in 2012 ~ Beacons of Light — May 2010

Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home May 2010 From Steve: This message spoke of the sun and what to expect in the days just ahead. They said there was another round of solar flares that were about to begin. I am aware that we are having them right now but they still are not the intensity and the regularity that we will have them in the next three years. The year 2012 was of particular note. They said to watch direct sun exposure during that year. Its not about how much you get but about how much you are accustomed to getting. This is the second or third channel recently where they equate gravity to magnetism but I will say that our sciences do not agree with that as of yet. What they did say is that the sun is aligning to once again shower us with a pelt of solar flares. The events that were originally scripted to put a final end to earth are about to happen on a scaled down version with the energy redirected. In fact this coming event has all the ear-markings of the perfect storm in 2012. Only this time Scotty is yelling to Captain Kirk that the shields wont hold as the protective shields of earth known as the magnetosphere now have large holes in them and they are still full of plasma from the last attack. This means we will feel much more of the effects of these flares in our personal world and bodies. They said the emotional bodies we carry are magnetic based and they will vary the most as these fields shift. How much fun is that boys and girls? Can anyone remember

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16 Comments to VirtualLight #6 ~ The perfect storm in 2012 ~ Beacons of Light — May 2010

April 29, 2010

I think we signed up to experience some every day magic happening Steve! 🙂
Barbara, what a lovely words you spoke! I recognized so much of it! The amount of trust in life is building up inside me like a huge Islandic volcano, ready to erupt with trustfull smiles to shower into the world like a fountain. 😀 Espavo!

April 29, 2010

I just love your messages. They give so much comfort at days when emotions run high or low. Many thanks!

April 29, 2010

Steve – Thank You!! Thank You!! Thank You!!! This is a powerful message… and thank you for being such a wonderful channel. Much love !

April 30, 2010

Check out wonders of solar system eps 1 or 3 to get some idea about magnetosphere… i’ve just watched them recently and turns out the group talks about it too… what a synchronicity.. 🙂

May 1, 2010

LOL if the tea party are the people that are going to break the block as you say we are really in for a world of hurt. You lost a lot of credibility by saying that. Sorry.

May 1, 2010

First comes the bait – humor, universal truths. When you are into the pleasantness, then comes all the crap. Can you resist falling into it? All the energy, the magnetic electricity that fuses you to the greater power of universe? Funny stuff!

May 2, 2010

Thank you Steeve, Blessed be.

May 2, 2010

Thank you Steve and Barbara &Re-minders from home for another Beautiful message and for guiding us through this journey, reminding us of who we True-ly are
Much Love, Light and Gratitude

May 4, 2010


May 12, 2010

How blessed am I to know the good news

May 13, 2010

I hope the sun goes easy on me. I intend to have my armor of GOD ready just in case.

May 17, 2010

solar flares are not photonic, this is gamma radiation, plasma.

May 19, 2010

What is this guy channeling? A failed science teacher? Learn some science first people before falling for this pesudeo-science mixed with feel-good nonsense. What’s this obsession with the future? Live in the now!

May 26, 2010

at 7.17 do you notice the rainbow on his collar? lasts a long time.

August 23, 2010

@greenlimabean very often video cameras react on striped cloth and films them something like rainbows and makes stripes to move

February 14, 2011

looks like i can see his ora

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