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Transit of Venus 2012

On 5th-6th June, it is your last chance to witness one of the rarest predictable events in astronomy – the planet Venus will pass across the face of the Sun. This event, called a transit, will not occur again until December 2117. Transits occur in pairs eight years apart, separated by 121.5 and 105.5 years. The contemporary footage and photos in this video were taken during the 2004 transit, which was best seen from Europe, Africa and Asia. The 2012 transit will be best seen from east Asia and Australasia, but it will be visible as the sun sets across the whole of North America, and as the sun rises in Europe. Venus will appear as a black dot on the Sun, and will take more than six and a half hours to cross the face. It will not cause noticable dimming of the Sun’s light, so appropriate eye protection must be used while observing the transit, to prevent damage to the eyes.

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Friday, June 15th, 2012 2012 Astrology

10 Comments to Transit of Venus 2012

June 3, 2012

Hey, random question, but “special glasses” of the type featured in the video…I take it they are a special type that blocks some certain wavelength of light that normal sunglasses don’t block or something? Or are they just much darker than normal sunglasses?

The reason why I ask is because I DO happen to have a pair of really dark, polarized, _normal_ sunglasses, and I was wondering if they would be safe to use.

June 5, 2012

yes they will work fine

June 6, 2012

Hope this isn’t too late and that your eyes are OK @macgeek2004! We’d advise against using any normal sunglasses to look at the Sun – special dark filters like the ones in the video are needed to ensure protection against eye damage. You shouldn’t be able to see much else bar the Sun through appropriate viewing glasses.

June 6, 2012

There was a telescope convention yesterday and I saw it!

June 6, 2012

Excellent, nice one! 

June 7, 2012

I got to see it at the Lick Observatory 🙂

June 7, 2012

awesome! thanks for taking the time!

June 8, 2012

so.. what happened to venus after the transit?

June 8, 2012

It pretty much just carried on mooching round its orbit… you’ll be able to see it prominently in the morning sky in a month or so!

June 9, 2012

@0:29 to 0:34 a curved path is seen to be made by the Transit. @ 0:36 a straight path is shown with several shots of Venus in a row. So, which is it? Is the straight path something you got from nasa? The video of the motions does not show a straight path, it is blatantly curved.

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