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Symbolism of Heaven and Hell: Dragon vs. Eagle

The truth is in plain sight. Can you read the signs? David Icke is wrong. The reptilians are the good guys.

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Thursday, September 29th, 2011 Aztec Calendar No Comments

Searching For the Red Winged Dragon Nibiru.mp4

RE-Broadcast: Uploaded by reduckules on Jul 22, 2011 I have herd so much about this story of Nibiru I decided to spend a week taking pictures and video’s everyday for one week at sunrise and sunset and a few scattered throughout the day. I tried to stay neutral as much as I could but have a hard time believing this many people are crazy or uneducated.I am indigenous and indigenous people have always had store’s.Now we have some science and fiction and from what I have witnessed in my own life A good story is being told all over by many voices and in many ways. Here is what I gathered in my study for my own self and joy of sharing. The moon shot really surprised me cause that was by accident and I was in bed and for some odd reason had to go out and get a couple moon shots or sleep was just going to happen. Store’s and legends do get stretched a bit from time to time but if there is even a little grain of truth to this one Then “FOLKS” we have a story for the ages. I have no idea about the music or who maid it but ” I liked it ” Here are 32 names if your not already more confused then I am 32 names of the Nibiru: Ancient history, astronomy, folklore and prophecy records many names for Planet X. The Sumerians called it the “12 Planet” or “Nibiru” (translates into: planet of passing). between the Babylonians and Mesopotamians there were at least three names “Marduk”, “The King of the Heavens” and The “Great Heavenly Body”. The ancient Hebrews referred to it as the “Winged

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Monday, August 1st, 2011 Future Maps of 2012 3 Comments

New Additions – 06b: Icy winged planets

It’s not ideal to explain image and video compression with materials that have to be compressed in order to show them to you, but hopefully the point is made – if you’re going to analyze an image, don’t analyze a smudgy compressed YouTube screen cap. With regards to the image in particular, we know it’s not from the South Pole Telescope, and we can probably make a good educated guess at it not being Nibiru… so is it then a fake, or some other image that has just been renamed as Nibiru? Both are of course unacceptable – if the only evidence for Nibiru is fake or misguided, you aren’t going to get very far with it, no matter how much ‘enhancement’ and ‘analysis’ you do. Without wanting to disrespect the scientists who spend months at a time shut away at the South Pole, the data the telescope gathers isn’t pretty, at least not in layman’s terms – they won’t attract much attention from the public because we can’t relate them to anything… but a fake image, well that’s much easier to digest. If you do want to read about the data that comes from the SPT, there are many scientific papers online, I grabbed a bunch from, and then just selected the most visually interesting images found within – there are an awful lot of graphs if you like that sort of thing. Important graphs for understanding the Universe that little bit better, but still graphs. David Morrison – Surviving 2012 and Other Cosmic Disasters: Have any thoughts, questions, suggestions or

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