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Tuesday, November 29th, 2011 Prepper Survival No Comments

Moving to California a good idea or bad idea? What do you think?

I have been thinking about moving to california for about a year now. I am currently in the military. I get out next year in 2012. – have no family there, only a cousin that lives in Sacramento. My friend is going to help me along the way of transitioning to the west. However now that I know what I know about California economy wise. I don’t think it is the smartest idea, for me anyways. My friend is from SoCal and all of his family lives there. I however want to move to Massachusetts to attend MIT so I can hopefully become a astronaut one day. Here is what I thought of it…..

1 I have no legitamite family in Cali
2 The unemployment rate is 12.0%, that is higher than my home state, South Carolina which is 9.9%, better than 12.
3 Housing is way over priced and foreclosure rate is among the highest in the country.
4 According to governor Jerry Brown, the state is cutting more than 12 mil in state budget, this means schools, welfare and medical help is getting cut in 2012.
5 Overall California is not the best place to be especially for a young person like me starting out by myself, I don’t think it is smart at all.

I honestly just think that the EAST is just more stable, reliable and considerate enough to give people a chance to survive. Born and raised on the east coast and I don’t think I can just turn my back on that.

That being said, when I do leave the military, I will be moving to Massachusetts to live my life or any where in the new england area.

What do you think about what I had to say on this matter. Good or Bad what do you think? Just looking for feedback.

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Saturday, August 27th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment

Will America survive until 2012 with Barack obama as President?

I’m seeing Chapter 7 in are future come on bleeding liberals who don’t believe in money or are kids future. I can’t wait for my kid to be handing his paycheck over to welfare. I love to read your liberal comments, you guys get so emotional haha

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Thursday, June 24th, 2010 Surviving 2012 11 Comments