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Nick Clegg visits Valleys Kids as they prepare for the London 2012 Festival

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today visited the Rhondda Valley and was given a sneak preview of one of the highlights of the London 2012 Festival in Wales which kicks off a week today. For news and media resources for journalists covering London 2012 visit: For up-to-date news and information on London 2012 follow us @2012GovUK.

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England v Wales Press Conference | Theo Walcott Interview Euro 2012 Qualifier

FATV – Arsenal’s Theo Walcott has urged England to bring their away game to Wembley as they prepare for a crucial UEFA Euro 2012 qualifier against Wales on Tuesday. The Three Lions have been unbeatable on the road in recent times winning against Switzerland, Wales, Denmark and most recently Buglaria. But Fabio Capello’s side have been held to draws at home by Montenegro and Switzerland and Walcott says it is time for England to bring their A-game to Wembley.

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Potassium Alum Pyramid Stargate Magasine by Cristallerie Cristallerie says This video show potassium alum crystals growing in perfect pyramids ! The Stargate Magasine (march 2005) has done a great job to explain my work to the world, thank you so much Stargate ! There is also a kind of slide show with pictures of me (2003 and 2005) and where you can find me. with no car and not enough money i can not sell crystals by post anymore since 2005, it’s to much trouble by taxis and i am not making enough money, i prefer sell them at home so i can explain how to protect those fragile crystals and how to use them, i have stopped producing alum crystals and it may not be possible for me to start growing very big crystals some day as i dream of, not until someone help me to do so, in my town nobody want to talk of me, so nobody know how alone i am in that responsibility to save my work for the futur, internet save me in that task ! potassium alum is too expensive for me right now and a big cristallarium means some hundred dollars too, so all alone i am trying to be still usefull for Mother Earth as i can, all i have found to make the time gone until 2012 is too create music, stirling, and take care of me in preparing 2012 (try to be not alone and make some partys or conferences), i am reading the projectavalon forum create from the , in that forum i read all about Astral Walker, i suggest to everyone to read that, and projectcamelot has many very important information about what the NWO plan to do until

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