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underground bunker

Missile Silo Homes Underground bunkers for sale, fall out shelters for sale, 2012 bunkers for sale.

Atlas F Missile Silo Underground Bunkers for sale, 2012 fall out shelter for survival with Private Airport Subdivision. Offers underground shelter missile site for sale 15000 sf home underground.

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Hardened Structures, Fallout Shelters, Underground Bunkers.

Fallout, Bomb, 2012, NBCeT Shelters, Underground Bunkers. Hardened Homes. HARDENED STRUCTURES NZ / AU / EU are Professional Construction Program Management Companies specializing in the confidential planning, design and covert construction of Fortified Homes, bomb shelters, underground shelters and homes with underground bunkers, survival shelters, 2012 Shelters, Bunkers and “hardened military facilities”. These facilities are designed for sustainability with independent sources of power and water and incorporate numerous defensive and offensive capabilities. They can serve as a primary dwelling, vacation home, corporate retreat, long term shelter or expanded multi-function compound. Client confidentiality and total project security are paramount on all of our projects. We design your facility to achieve a condition of Balanced Survivability where all systems are hardened to mitigate the same threat levels thus assuring there is no “Achilles Heel” in the facility. Regardless if it is Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN) weapons, armed assaults, 2012 scenarios, WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) or any civilization altering scenario, our experienced and highly specialized team of engineers, scientists and ex-military special forces can confidentiality design and covertly construct your facility efficiently and cost effectively anywhere in the world.

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My point was NASA states earth going up in a Ball of Fire 2029-Mayans say 2012?

You don’t know what to believe?
I would say most Christians don’t worry if the world blows up today tommorrow 2012 2029 because we trust the Lord everyda,y and the Lord says BE READY everyday for his return. If Science tells you thier is a good chance the world will blow up in 20 years then are you making preparations for an Asteroid hit? stocking up on water, flash light underground bunker,MRE’s?
You say you trust Science so what are you doing to prepare?

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 13 Comments

Is there any possible protection against solar flare radiation from a Planet X fly by?

Many are speculating on a catastrophic (possibly an "extinction level event") period of massive solar flares and magnetic pole reversal as "Planet X" passes through our solar system (projected to pass by in 2012).

In terms of survival options, is there anything we can do to be safe from radiation? How far underground, and what materials might protect against solar flare radiation from by a Planet X fly by?

Also, would mirrors or fiber-optic cables (as in skylights to an underground bunker) transmit radiation around corners?

Thanks to anyone with any help on this. Wish now I had paid more attention in science class!
Well, for starters I read about this in US News & World Report and Discovery News, not on some nutjob conspiracy theory web site. Excuse me for trying to keep an open mind. But thanks so much for all the sarcasm and rudeness.

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Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 2012 Survival 7 Comments


Extreme housing for extreme survival. Do you want to survive 2012, world war III, apocalypse and beyond. We have the best survival complex in the world. No excuses here; just the most comprehensive protection you can have while still been fun to live in.

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