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Who agrees with me on this?

With the 2012 federal budget battle in full swing, I see it like this: I would rather borrow 40 cents on the dollar for the next two years or so rather than rush the process of making some of the most drastic cuts in history while we are still recovering from an economic recession. Whether we start cutting billions/trillions now, or in two years, we will still not be able to balance the budget for decades. Why not wait a little longer for the economy to get back on its feet before we start considering cuts that will undoubtedly have an effect on the recovery process. You cannot tell me that cutting billions/trillions will not cost jobs and will not hurt the common low to middle class citizen. It is simply impossible, whether directly or indirectly, the cuts will do damage. Take, for example, a mother who was laid off from her original job of twelve years and now has to work 2-3 minimum wage jobs to survive and uses government-funded programs to watch her children while she works. Making these cuts may or may not affect the woman directly, but cutting the programs she uses might force her to lose her job(s) due to not being able to find someone to watch her children, or may force her to give her children to children’s services because she feels she can no longer take care of them without help. Either way, she is affected. There are literally a dozen examples that could be offered as to how drastic cuts could affect the recovery process and reverse the gains we have begun to see.
This is one problem Americans have always had and that showed quite evidently in the 2010 mid-term elections, we demand things be fixed on the spot, no matter what the consequences may be. We gave this administration less than two years to fix one of the worst economic situations in American history, an economic situation that took a decade to get ourselves into. It has only been two years since the recession (the worst since the depression) occurred. If it took years to get out of the Great Depression, and back then, the country was smaller in terms of both population and economics, how can you expect us to be ready to make drastic cuts less than 2 years after such a devastating economic disaster?
It is also disturbing how people blame Obama for the deficit, as if he amassed the 13 trillion all on his own. This has been happening for a long time, funding two major wars for a decade can easily take credit for a large part of it. In my opinion, Obama’s plan was good given the circumstances, he put together a budget, proposed investments in education and energy (the future), and began to attack the deficit with a precise scalpel instead of a chain saw.
I would rather borrow now rather than try these cuts and drive the economy into a depression. As you said..we have flooded the market with paper to stop the downfall. There is no way we can do it again. We have ONE chance to climb out of this. Before these cuts were proposed things were looking up. unemployment fell to 8.8% and is expected to be at 7% within the next two years. The stock market has been rallying and pay-freezes are being removed. Slowly but surely it was getting better. If we make these cuts and it goes downhill….we will not be able to recover. Mark my words.

Like I said, i would rather borrow (since whether we cut now or in a few years it will still be YEARS, no matter what, before the budget is in order) rather than risk it.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 Prepper Survival 5 Comments

2011 – 2012: Economic Apocalypse

The corruption of the American Government. Runaway debt. The international banking elite now hold future generations of Americans in bondage. According to Bloomberg, CNBC and CNN the bank bailouts now total more than Trillion. The Pentagon armed forces budget for 2010 exceeds the total budgets of all 50 states combined. There is no end in sight to the borrowed spending. Many economists are now predicting a total collapse of the American Government and eventually, hyper inflation. A total economic apocalypse is forth coming. Please find ways to prepare yourself & your family for what’s ahead. May God help us all.

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2012 Plan. Listen Close Former KGB Agent Explains the Brainwashing of America 1980’s.mp4

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Monday, March 7th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment


What is every one’s opinion on the up coming new world order.
It’s sounds far fetched but the research I have done sounds pretty convincing. I usually ignore conspiracy theories but I’m starting to believe this isn’t just some concocted theory. How many of you believe in this? They say no matter what president you vote for and who wins doesn’t matter that the secret societies make all the decisions. Illuminati, Free Masons, Skulls the Vatican E.T.C.. If McCain had won he would be doing the exact same thing that Obama is doing, they’re just puppets. And where is the trillions of dollars really going.

They say there will be no more constitutional rights, forced abortions and they will start to eliminate 5 billion people by war and disease because there is only enough resources left in the world to support 1 billion people and those people will be the rich and powerful chosen by the government. They believe if they don’t eliminate at least 5 billion people the human race won’t survive

They say all the past presidents knew of the up coming New World Order and those who don’t go along with it will be Assassinated. Some say JFK was against Socialism and globalization, he supposedly was going to blow the wistle so he was killed by our government.

They say the United Nations is proof and they are sending in peace keepers in other countries that are most likely to resist and they cover it up by saying they need to be theire to keep the peace and order but all along their getting ready for WW3 and these soldiers don’t even know it. The U.N. wants to occupy every country and get ready to start eliminating in the way of Hitler and these secret societies say Hitler was a Genius. This time they’re not going to target a specific race of people but everybody in general. It’s the powerful against the middle and lower class.

Before WW2 people heard rumors, they thought it was just a conspiracy. The ones that believed left before it happened, the ones that thought it was just a rumor stayed home and ignored it and out of nowhere they found their towns occupied by the Germans with no where to run and they where about to go through living hell.

I don’t know if it’s true some predict March 25th 2012 is the day 25 governments will announce this. Sounds crazy but the more you look into it the more you will be convinced. Trust me this isn’t some Alien abduction anal probing, or man on the moon conspiracy this is so much deeper. Here is one article of thousands I found easy to understand

The media portrays the militia and these anti government compounds located deep in the forest as paranoid terrorist. But some say they have first knowledge of the up coming and preparing for war against the government most are ex military who know of the government plans.

Some people believe past Pope’s along with the Vatican are part of the secret society and are deeply involved it and encourage NWO.
That where they get the saying the devil is in the church.

So please tell me what do you think?
Are people just paranoid? If so why so much evidence.
Are their groups that are forming to fight this, if so where?

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