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The Walking Dead

Where to Go in a Zombie Apocalypse (Zombie Survival Guide)

Don’t know where to go during the zombie apocalypse? Well today on ZMZreloaded your going to find out! LIKE – COMMENT – SHARE Last weeks video: facebook: ***How to get featured*** link coming soon The More subscribers I get on my channel means the more things I can do with it. So if your already subscribed, then share this video! I have a list below of things I will do when I reach a certain number of subscribers. So if ur a fan…then SUBSCRIBE and SHARE! Duh! 500 subs – Game/Movie Reviews 1000 subs – Spotlight Videos (of Fans and others) 5000 subs – Dan The Survival Man and Interviews of other Youtubers 10000 subs – Weapon Testing and Reviews 15000 subs – Zombie Survival Web Series (and not that retarded bullshit either) -All music/sounds/pictures/clips are royalty free-

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Saturday, July 7th, 2012 2012 Survival 24 Comments