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How much does a student in Aarhus and Horsens, Denmark spend per month roughly?

Like excluding accommodation, how much would be enough to survive? Though some info on accommodation also appreciated. Is 300 EUR per month enough? Given that you don’t cook your food but buy ready stuff instead. I’m planning to study in VIA University College this spring 2012. I’m not sure if I am going to Arhus or Horsens, or any other place the university has a campus in for that matter. Your input is very much appreciated. Take care 🙂
I think I probably going to Horsens, not Arhus, so yeah its Horsens
Thank you so much guys, you are making my life so much easier. And you could make it even much much more easier if you could answer the following questions as well.

1) I am planning to feed on McDonalds and frozen stuff bought from the supermarkets. I’m not a party animal, nor am I expecting to have much fun there. So considering all that, just in terms of survival, how much of that 300 EUR would I be able to save for accommodation expenses, if any.

2) And can you also name approx accommodation costs of both on campus and off campus housing (incl. electricity, heat, etc.)

3) What about transportation costs?
Sorry for wasting your time, but your answers are incredibly invaluable to me. Thank you!!! 🙂

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Sunday, October 30th, 2011 Prepper Survival 2 Comments

Is there any possible protection against solar flare radiation from a Planet X fly by?

Many are speculating on a catastrophic (possibly an "extinction level event") period of massive solar flares and magnetic pole reversal as "Planet X" passes through our solar system (projected to pass by in 2012).

In terms of survival options, is there anything we can do to be safe from radiation? How far underground, and what materials might protect against solar flare radiation from by a Planet X fly by?

Also, would mirrors or fiber-optic cables (as in skylights to an underground bunker) transmit radiation around corners?

Thanks to anyone with any help on this. Wish now I had paid more attention in science class!
Well, for starters I read about this in US News & World Report and Discovery News, not on some nutjob conspiracy theory web site. Excuse me for trying to keep an open mind. But thanks so much for all the sarcasm and rudeness.

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