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Monday, April 30th, 2012 Prepper Survival No Comments

Is B.S. Chemistry enough to be qualified for lab tech jobs?

Hi. I am a senior in college but I won’t be graduating until my 5th year which will be in the 2011-2012 school year. Anyway, aside from the classes I am taking now, I still have 58 quarter units to go or 16 classes (5 Biology, 1 Statistics, Calculus III, 1 more Criminal Justice, 1 more Physics and 7 more Chemistry classes). My major by the way is B.S. Chem with emphasis in Forensic Science and so I am required to take less chemistry classes compared to ‘plain’ BS Chem majors…(probably 4-5 less classes). I think the reason was because the required biology classes mixed in since I guess forensic scientists need knowledge in both fields. Anyway, I am thinking of applying for a lab technician job as an entry-level until I can afford grad school or get enough experience to work in a county crime lab.

What do you think? This is because I don’t want to start grad school yet until a few years because I don’t think I can’t afford to go right after graduation since I will have to start paying my 000 total student loan within 6 months after I walk up the stage in June 2012.

PS: I don’t mind a pay of -16/hr as long as I can survive and pay off student loans. Hehe….and help my parents financially…I estimated that I will need to pay about 0 a month for 5 years with that much of loans.

If you have any suggestions, please include them. =]

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Sunday, August 14th, 2011 Prepper Survival 2 Comments

Given my skills, experience, and degree, what are some jobs I should consider after I graduate?

I won’t be graduating for another two years, and I know I’m doing something I shouldn’t–counting my chicks before they hatch–but I can’t help it. I constantly wonder what in the world I’m going to do with myself after I graduate to survive.

I plan on applying for several Americorps VISTA positions before I graduate, going wherever the opportunity I pick takes me. This way I can settle myself in (at least a little bit) in a new city, network, and try to find a job while paying off my student loans (k education award for VISTA alumni) and getting some volunteer experience and another reference. I’ll have the following work experience and skills, assuming things stay as they are now:

90 WPM typing speed
Proficient with MS Office, iWork, Bricolage, and Adobe Photoshop
Great public speaking skills and experience

Volunteer, political campaign.
Made over 8k phone calls and raised almost ,000. Ranked among top-30 volunteers in the U.S.

Webmaster, (famous band’s website).

co-founder, webmaster, and marketer, political website
Brought in almost 2,000 users who donated over ,000 in recycled political merchandise.

Web content manager, my university
Worked independently to develop, design, and update my university’s website. Worked with others in institution to come up with new content.

News release writer, my university
Write news articles about issues relevant to the [my university] community.

2009-2012, [my university] B.A. American government, 3.5 GPA.

I already know that I won’t be able to do crap with my degree unless I go to grad school, which I do NOT plan to do. I’m assuming that I’ll end up starting out as a /hour administrative assistant, eventually working my way up to being a secretary and perhaps someday, executive secretary. I’m wondering, though, what some of my other options are… What do you think?


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Friday, May 7th, 2010 Prepper Survival 3 Comments