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Will The World REALLY End on Dec. 21. 2012?

see, I’ve been doing some research about Doomsday. I saw the Mayans Calendar and Some of Nostradamus Prophecies. Many people have told me that Nostradamus never made any prediction about 2012. But according to the Mayans and Egyptians there will be a change. No one knows WHAT will happen exactly…..but you never know. Also, they said that the Sun would be in the center of the Galaxy for the first time in 26,000 years……IS THERE SOMETHING THERE? as in a black hole or something? i am very worried about this and i recently found out.

Also, is the Mega Tsunami from the canary islands gonna hit SOON?i read somewhere that it was gonna hit around 2032 or something.

ALSO, this gives me some hope, Nostradamus predictions go all the way up to 3797? right?

this is the REAL question(s)
Will the World end? if so, how? why? would there be a way to stop it? a way that we might find life before the end? a way we can live in outer space or something until we can heal the world? start from scratch? Can we survive the possible apocolypse that has been counting down for over thousands of years? AND FINALLY… Is December 21st a day of Celebration for our new cycle, or a day of DOOM?

Thank you for answering, i am very scared, but very prepared to meet our creator.

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Wednesday, November 24th, 2010 2012 Survival 10 Comments