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star wars episode iv

If the world is going to end this year, why bother trying to make a profit?

Many people are selling "2012 apocalypse" survival kits, underground shelters, books, movies, etc. and getting rich from the sales.As Han Solo said to Luke Skywalker in Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope "What good is a reward if you’re not around to use it?" .If the world is going to end on 12/21/2012, there is no point in making money.Everything on Earth, including the money, will be gone.
Just so you know, I am not saying whether or not I believe the 12/21/2012 prophesy.

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The apocalyptic 2012 idea, Opinions? I want to hear from all of you??

All the proof is in the Star Wars episode IV movie DVD. When Darth Vader blows up the planet Alderaan it’s actually Earth. “Alderaan” is Greek and the English translation means “Earth” So when you look up at the sky December 21, 2012 and see the Death Star you will know that the end is about to become us.

Okay, seriously and with all due respect to other peoples opinions. what are your honest opinion and your views that in some way the earth will end in 2012?

you see the dinosaurs predicted that their existence would end and it happened, millions of years ago and probably by an asteroid, because “Nostradamus-T-Rex” predicted that there would be a need for purification in the dinosaur culture. but after it happened the earth itself was still there so even when we are destroyed by Vader there is still hope for new evolution. there is no scientific evidence that on 12-21-2012 the earth will end, and anyone that is educated in astronomy knows that we could find out next month a huge asteroid could be heading our way.
here are some other scenarios, before you watch it TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME because the music behind it is ENYA. unfortunately its not Slayer or Chimaira just so you know to avoid the shock from the music.

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