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2012 – Renpet – Kemet Egypt Future – Science Fiction or Fact ?

Like us – *Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectful owners. I do retain rights however on the vocal transmissions. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only. Like us – Allegedly, scientists have recently received transmissions from what may be an alternative future Earth. So far the only proof, besides the strange radio waves that have entered our atmosphere, is a Science Fiction Novel called Renpet. Upon further investigation into the strange communication, it was found that the entire storyline was transmitted to the writer. Through dreams, a being named Serqet communicated with him. Here is a brief synopsis on the Science Fiction Novel Renpet: Serqet’s leisurely strolls through the corridors of her inter-dimensional spacecraft come to an end when the Elders of her advanced race of beings summon her. She has trained for this moment for all her life however nothing prepares her for the depth of responsibility expected of her, the survival of her bloodline. Her kinsmen are the future descendants of the survivors of the The Great Year. The Great Year is marked when planet earth passes through an energy field during the solar system’s complete orbit around the central sun of the Pleiades known as Alcyone. Following this event, the Earth goes through continental shifts, dramatic weather patterns changes, intense

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Monday, January 31st, 2011 2012 Survival 2 Comments

Are there any original movies this 2009?

This year is going to be full of undoubtedly great and entertaining movies, but one trend was common on all of them; they were either based on some book (Watchmen or Angels and Demons), a sequel/ remake of an old film(Friday the 13th and Star Trek) or even yet an animated series (GI JOE: The Rise of Cobra or Avatar: The Last Air Bender) .While they may be fun, they aren’t exactly original like the old films.

Besides a couple of upcoming films like the ones I’m going to mention, what other films have an original story or are part of a new series? Seriously, I’m sick of seeing remakes and other unoriginal films.

Upcoming films:
– Public Enemies (John Dillinger’s crime wave is threatened as he is hunted down by a determined FBI agent)

– District 9 (for 28 years, alien refuges have been living in Southern America as prisoners of the government in the country’s attempt to use the alien weaponry. After years of fruitlesness, the American government decides to evict the aliens; but the aliens are determined to remain alive)

– The Nine (a scientist’s nine dolls/ creations are the last remaining hope of a desolated world raveged by the machines)

– The Descent 2 (sequel to the 2006 surprise hit, Sarah is forced to go back into the darkness of the caves that took the lives of her friends when a rescue team attempts to find out what happened down there)

– 2012 (a regular family gets stuck in a desperate race for survival when the whole world finds out that the Mayan calendar’s prediction of the end of days is true)

If you’re going to suggest a movie, please add a summary.
And if possible, please give me some original 2009 movies that are either noir (please not the "Perfect Sleep") or in the style of the 1980’s psychological films (Blade Runner, Clockwork Orange, or more recently, The Mist)

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Thursday, January 20th, 2011 2012 Survival 1 Comment