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Hollywood, Smith & Grant, How to Say Goodbye Concert at the Greek w/ Sam Botta

Let go of the noose of being what others need you to be, which makes them feel better about themselves, yet if they were to be open and free to encourage you to nurture your own wings and soar, it would be that other person that would be the closest and most personal, most celebrated audience of you, the butterfly that has flown from the cocoon, that other person would recognize the joy of such seeming sporadic flight but it would be the colors, glistening in the sun over the warm, shining, happy green grass, rising to the blue sky, ignoring any thought of clouds, as, for the butterfly, timing is important, and time is everything. Sure the life of a butterfly is quite short, but to that butterfly, a day is like a lifetime, because it is a full lifetime, and so in the most precious gift that you and I have: TIME ~ Sam Botta Words: “Tell me when the time we had slipped away Tomorrow turned to yesterday And I don’t know how Tell me what can stop this river of tears It’s been building up for years For this moment now Here I stand Arms open wide I’ve held ya close Kept ya safe Till you could fly Tell me where the road ahead is gonna bend And how to harness up the wind And how to say goodbye Tell me why Why does following your dreams Take you far away from me And I knew that it would Tell me how to fill the space you left behind And how to laugh instead of cry And how to say goodbye Here I stand Arms open wide I’ve held ya close Kept ya safe Till you could fly Tell me where the

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2012-13 The end of ice & skiing in southern BC, rapid solar warming hits Pemberton BC

Cooling the planet is a losing battle, adapt, move or swim may be our only option so best to kiss goodbye that seaside property. Pictures of the slide by SAR: Just ask the Prince of England, he should explain the jet clouds: . The ice cap glaciers of the mountains around india are putting evaporative H2O in the atmosphere in that ecosystem thus the unheard of rainfall. That is in line with rapid warming and melting of ice. A Hopi connection to the IndoPak flooding, goto 7;55 in vid or watch it all: At first my thoughts were attacked, even though I was trying to dispell fear. A good lecture: Glaciers for dummies: . Urgent desperate sounding scientists: . August 6th 2010 Despite geoengineering chemtrails and the desperate attempt to slow solar radiation and it accelerating effect on global glaciers seems to be too much too late. Massive mountain slide unleashes large volume of fresh water and debris. I hope everyone in Birkenhead are ok ;o) is this the start of a snow free lower mainland? Will chemtrail cloud making increase and try and shield the little ice that is left? avoiding seaside property loss and a slow let down to the winter sport industry which attracted the 2010 games to a thawing west coast. Since the ski hills will not take my suggestion and Spain’s lead in mega project solar reflection, the increased temps will make snow build-up impossible. The increase in avalanches may

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