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FreeQuency 17.76 ~Eps.1

Welcome to FreeQuency 17.76 …You are now logged in… You have inbound messages waiting… Name:Shaun Smith Location: Detroit FEMA: Region 5 Age: 29 Year: 2013 Education: Unknown Occupation: Unknown Family/Friends: Unknown Situation Report: Smith finds himself living on top of an old cigarette factory trying to make sense of what has happened over the last few years. Shocked and disgusted at what the reality around him has become Smith sits desperately scanning the Infowaves for whatever information he can find. A New World Order began to rise from former social calamities but when the major events of 2012 came everyone was ill prepared and it has left the door open now to several possibilities…Smith finds himself in the dangerous crossfires of a uncontrolled region where Intel is sensitive, valuable and often killed for. —————————— —————————— ——- ~ Some of the events in this video series are fiction but much of the information is not. To each their own in what they see and find in this new video series. Subscribe and stay tuned, more transmissions on the way… FreeQuency 17.76 is a (rough draft) of videos and story line from a project iv been working on for some time. Maybe some of these episodes will be helpful or enjoyable to listen to and view in the mean time.

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