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The Shape Of Life Episode 6/8 Survival Game (PBS)

Please Subscribe To The Evolution Documentary YouTube Channel: Broadcast (2002) Behind the beautiful shapes and colors of seashells is the story of how a group of animals called molluscs evolved in order to survive. The wide variety of molluscs includes clams, oysters, snails, mussels, squid, and octopus. The word mollusc comes from Latin meaning “soft,” a good description of the group’s fleshy bodies. Of course, in an ocean filled with predators, a soft body is easily eaten. The early molluscs that happened to develop hard shells not only managed to survive but also succeeded in launching an ever escalating 500 million year old battle between themselves and their predators. Molluscs have survived throughout the millennia by having an immensely adaptable body plan. The ancestors of Nautilus evolved buoyant shells, a trait that allowed them to launch off the seafloor and become successful swimming predators known as cephalopods. As each generation struggled against increasingly clever predators like vertebrates, the cephalopods accumulated more and more sophisticated innovations through evolution. One adaptation lay in speed. In creatures such as squid, the shell became smaller, moved inside the body and all but vanished. Another adaptation lay in brainpower. Octopuses and cuttlefish think, learn and react to their environments in ways surpassed only by vertebrates. If you have a soft body in the middle of the ocean, being clever will help survival. A

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Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 Prepper Survival 15 Comments

Jesse Ventura – Apocalypse 2012 (Conspiracy Theory, S1 Ep 7) (Conspiracy Theory, Season 1, Episode 7) Did the Mayan calendar correctly predict the end of the world in 2012? In this episode Jesse Ventura and his team of investigators speak with scientists and experts that are convinced that solar flare-ups will cause massive electrical grid failures that will result in nationwide failure of all basic city services, bringing about utter chaos and panic in America. Jesse also investigates how America’s elite are preparing for the 2012 doomsday by building secret underground facilities, including a massive underground facility located right under the Denver International Airport.

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Tuesday, December 13th, 2011 Prepper Survival 15 Comments

Why do you Democrats believe that this scenario is impossible?

I keep seeing that many of you are atheists, don’t know why you are but that is your business. I keep seeing many of you posting comments such as "I’m too intelligent to believe in the Bible I believe in evolution and Science" I keep seeing outrageous evil answers when anyone asks about God. Why the hostility towards the man who created you? Here is what some bible readers believe will happen so my question is why is it so hard for you to believe this could happen? In 2010 Scientists predict a huge Earthquake in California that will cause Cali to sink into the ocean crumbling apart.In 2012 they predict the Earth will flip over on its axis killing us all.

Once he is in power the book of Revelations will come into play. He will survive an attempted Assassination, and it will be a miracle he survives a gun shot wound to the head and so his followers will believe he is Jesus, he will perform "miracles (walking on water, turning water into Wine etc, same stuff Jesus did but he will mislead us into evil while claiming he is doing good) he will turn Israel against us by helping Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, Iran will attack Israel and Obama will be there watching it and leading our troops into helping Iran, then Jesus will come to Armageddon in Israel where he and Obama will battle and Obama and his followers will be sent to Hell, so the most we can do is pray for the non-believers, and hope they realize this before it is too late for them to be saved.
Most of you by the comments I have seen in the past say that Christians are not intelligent because we believe in a higher power but you believe we just magically appeared.My beliefs are my life and I do not call you stupid or ignorant for your beliefs. We all need to believe in something otherwise there is no point to live.
I’m not trying to say this but Scientists have, I hope the world never ends. I hope to God I am wrong, but how do we know?

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 Prepper Survival 9 Comments

Will life as we know it end in 2012?

Many prophecies have stated that the world will end in 2012. Coincidence?

*Mayan calendar, considered far more accurate than our own, ends on December 22, 2012. They predict a catastrophic event taking place.

*A Web Bot, created to predict stock market trends, predicts a worldwide calamity taking place in 2012

*The Chinese Book of Changes timeline ends in 2012

*Scientists speculate that a rare astronomical event will take place in 2012, but are not sure what exactly will happen. They believe that a newly discovered black hole in the center of the Milky Way will align with our solar system.

*The Hopi Indians predict the end of times when the "sun gets hotter" and "submersion" (rising oceans?) occur.

Are all of these predictions too similar to ignore?

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Thursday, August 11th, 2011 Prepper Survival 19 Comments

Is being worried of what happens in 2012 the same as being Chicken Little about the future?

I’m saying that because both earthquakes and global warming are coming up more often. I mean, I was worried about being Chicken Little because of my PTSD. I know the prophecies aren’t true yet but is there another reason why I should be worried? Or is it check and see like the scientists to prove the prophecies wrong?

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Saturday, July 30th, 2011 Prepper Survival 3 Comments

Do you think the world will actually end in 2012?

I actually think, it will change as we know it, but not end.
I’ve heard so many prophecies about the mayan calendar ending then.
Also a physic predicted a revolt against the government (I could have predicted this with my eyes shut).
But i just wish all the scientists would stop dismissing this black hole business and actually investigate it, the rumors don’t come from nowhere.
What do you think?

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Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 Prepper Survival 11 Comments

Is this a good introduction? Does it grab your attention?

I’m writing a novel, and I need to know if this is a good attention grabbing introduction. If you have any ideas on how to improve upon it, let me know. Thanks!!

In 2006, the Posie Corp. started experimenting with the human genetic code, trying to find way to make the human body stronger, faster, more durable… By December of 2012, they had accomplished their goal, successfully injecting a human with the virus after many previously failed attempts. The success was a wonderful breakthrough in science and technology, finally, the cure-all for everything. Scientists had cure to cancer, to mental sickness, diseases. Nevertheless, what happened to the failed experiments, the ones who couldn’t handle the virus? They had been transformed from the inside out. Turned into hideous grotesque creatures, they now gallivant about the earth, spreading their sickness to everyone else. One bite, one drop of infected blood, or even a scratch from these foul creatures is all it may take to start the process in which you will never go back. Posie had the cure to everything, except for what they had created.
The virus spread very quickly, devouring North America in a matter of weeks. Smaller less densely populated areas of North American affected last. By February of 2013, human beings in North America were no more. Only those with the will to survive made it, those who knew what they were doing outsmarted the virus, and still to this day fight the infection at its worst. These people have only one motive, and that is to survive…

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Saturday, July 23rd, 2011 2012 Survival 4 Comments

Help!!!!!!!!! The sky is falling!!!! What should i do?!!!!!!!?

a friend just told me that scientists have just found out that the atmosphere is slowly deteriorating, and by dec 2012 our atmosphere will be totally gone!!!!!!! Or at least the atmosphere as we know it right now. I don’t know what i should do? is there something i can do to survive?!!! Or are we all doomed?!!!!

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Friday, July 15th, 2011 Prepper Survival 6 Comments

how we can survive from hot of the sun?

Scientists predict in 2012 hot of the sun will reach maximum and earth will burn down. like a blast of the nuclear bomb.people how we all going to survive. stop the sun activity.
its true Kerry Sheridan is informed this news
sun blasts no sun survive earth will burn down
every 11 years it’s called the solar maximum and it is in 2013.this time its not related to solar of the sun.soon earth people will feel the difference of the hot.
both believe science& religion is difference source but not a science
apologise accepted tony no problem

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 Prepper Survival 13 Comments

How can i tell my mom i want a therapist?

I want to tell my mother that i have been very very scared lately and very depressed thinking about the end of the world. I know that it is stupid even i think so but my problem will not go away. I am very mad at a lot of people for no reason at all. people say that i have changed but there’s no way i can tell them why I am acting like this. I know that i can not control the future. I sometimes think I have no control over my life or what i do with it. My aunt told me that she was going to buy me a range rover when I turned 16. But i didn’t even care because i figured that because my birthday is in october and i turn 16 in 2012 that i would only get to drive it for two months before i will die a horrible death. I think about this everyday and how i could possibly survive it but nothing will possibly save me. Yesterday i told my aunt what was bothering me….she said there are too amny things to be happy about to be worrying about some hoax and scam about 2012. I felt better for a while after that but then….all of the horrible thoughts came back. I also told my two cousins….they also said it was a silly hoax with no scientific proof. It still kept bothering me so i decided to go to nasa and see what they thought…they have a site called "ask an astrobiologist" there were a alot of questions concerning 2012 and on every answers the scientists said that it was nothing but a hoax. I also found a video on you tube with Niel degrasse Tyson stating it was just a work of fiction. Another video stated it was a business to get people’s money a dirty scam. but for some reason it still keeps bothering me!!! what could be the problem?? is it a name for this?? this 2012 stuff is having a REALLY BAD EFFECT ON ME!!! ANY ADVICE?

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 2012 Survival 3 Comments