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Hidden and Forgotten.

In the National Forests of the United States there are countless campsites that are no longer maintained and are rotting away. If you know where these are, not only is it a fun way to spend some time exploring. In a survival situation, making one of these hidden unknown places your bug out location could prove to be a good choice.

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Sunday, June 10th, 2012 2012 Survival 25 Comments


-Survlval- our AMERICAN positivity has destroyed Euro, now rejoice YOU CALLED HER NAME LAST NIGHT I WASNT THERE BUT STILL I HEARD YOU WHISPER LIPS TO PICTURE HER FIGURE ITS MAKING ME SCARED FOR ALL YOUR SOB STORIES LIVING LIFE FULL OF WORRY THE MIRROR IS BLACK FOR YOUR LATE NIGHT GLANCES AND ONE MAN ROMANCES IM LOOKING RIGHT BACK LINGERING SOUND I HOPE THAT NO ONES AROUND TO HEAR WHAT I SAY THE SPIRIT WALKS THESE VERY OLD HALLS BUT EVERYDAY SMOKE FILLS THE AIR MY LOVERS NEVER THERE SO BLOW HER A KISS PENDULUM SWINGING IN AN INCH’S HAIR we reminisce Who is puffed up cannot stand, Who is self absorbed has no distinction, Who is self-revealing does not shine, Who is self-assertive has no merrit, Who is self-praising does not last long. speak in tongues i love art school students and KENDAMA i love KENGARDEN battles and fuck i love FIXIES got life is just so lovely i wish you could feel my ecstasy OH SHIT IM CUMMING famous virgos: MICHAEL JACKSON, DAVE MUSTAINE, ROB HALFORD, TONY ROBBINS, FREDDY MERCURY, CHRIS JOHNSON, BEYONCE, ANTON NEWCOMBE, LAYNE STALEY, GENE SIMMONS i believe i can balance you and you are at one with the universal force of balance -SURVIVAL- Like all planets, Mars too has a dual effect . The first influence expended merely physically is to create a bold, daring, and brazen personality, resulting in rash, impudent, and disrespectful behavior in the hope that the embarrassment and awkwardness that your actions create for yourself, will cause a turning

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Monday, October 3rd, 2011 2012 Survival 1 Comment

Form your groups and such

I am forming a band of Aliens, Wizards, dreamers, Indigos, wanders, etc, In seattle. Feel free to join and do the same in your area. We have infiltrated their base. Time to wake up

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Thursday, August 12th, 2010 2012 Survival 12 Comments