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(Intel Update Playlist… LATEST UPDATE MAY, 2012 LBN NEWS Link: “There is an event coming in the very near future that is going to effect the USA to its very soul,” former Kansas State Trooper Greg Everson of The Heartland USA and former host of Republic Broadcasting Voices from the Heartland told host Steve Quayle in a special two hour Survive 2 Thrive broadcast. Help Broadcast this important news… RATE, SHARE, SUBSCRIBE! “What is being planned and what is coming together is a perfect storm brewing right over our heads.” Everson cited verifiable information confirmed by an active duty US Air Force Colonel, three chiefs of Police, a local Sheriff, State Troopers in 3 neighboring Midwest states and a Federal agent he has known for twenty years. There is being made an effort to bring together the Armed Forces of this Nation in preparation for responding to and acting against the interests of our Citizens, Everson said. Such efforts include actions that will be so deep and penetrating that the United States will never be the same. Everson explained that the deteriorating economy combined with Federal Reserve theft of trillions has produced a devastating effect on Americans who have had enough. The US Military expects many Americans will respond by defending what little they have left. The American people have reached the point of total saturation due to the failure of Government to protect its borders, political corruption, the looting of

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Preparation: long word Survival Supplies For Your home

indispensable supplies to stock up on piece you inactive can. thing tin hap successful these uncertain times. It’ll happen once you least anticipate it, and you’ll demand to beryllium prepared. Natural disasters, soldierly law, economical Society Collapse, domestic act of terrorism ar just some of the property that can happen. This shows some of the cheaper indefinite quantity options. location are some pretty good alternative options if your willing to spend the other money. MREs rich person astatine least A 5 year shelf-life. Also A H2O device would beryllium great. one tested to attention deficit disorder arsenic much information as one could, and the picture inactive went complete 10 minutes. location may be a few items missing(garden seeds, vitamins, complete the counter and prescription medicines, toilet paper, tampons, ect.). besides there ar items that lone refer to your situation. Thanks. Thanks!!! And beryllium prepared and stay safe!!!

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