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Vivos Survival Bunkers Sell

Hundreds are paying big bucks for doomsday real estate if Armageddon arrives.

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Thursday, May 31st, 2012 2012 Survival 21 Comments

Chinese real estate bubble

China will survive the comming world economic collpase of Europe and the US, because China has an economy based on workers making THINGS. Trains, housing, solar cells, tables, growing vegetables, glass, growing cotton. Things they can use or sell. China is now #2 in the world at making quality SOLAR cells. How did China leap from #31 in 1986 to #2 in 2011? What is China doing right? China has more schools for girls than any nation in the world, per capita. There are more highly educated people in China than any place on earth: biologists, teachers, artists, nurses, physics, engineers, electricians, farmers, mid-wifes, doctors, mathamaticians, etc. The cooperations between Russia, China & Vietnam makes this region the most dynamic region in the world. There will soon be, more Solar powered homes in China than anywhere else on earth, by 2015. Education works. All the brains of China are now busy pushing China to rule the world with a new economic plan. The US should adopt the Chinese plan & planning. The Chinese have struggled against great poverty since 1949. They have learned to save 50% of what they earn. Saving money is a national calling. When you have experienced hunger caused by British imperialism and the Japanese rape of China, you are glad to be alive and free from the slavery of the British. So people are happy. Mao gave the people a great sense of prive & power. The new 5 year plan will be released in 2012, which will once again prove that the peaceful path to

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Thursday, December 22nd, 2011 Prepper Survival 2 Comments

Asian Logistic Market Under-Supplied – Global Logistic’s Jeff Schwartz on Meeting Growing Demand

Throughout his career, Jeffrey Schwartz has found opportunity in Asia. Now, as co-founder and chairman of the executive committee of Singapore-based industrial REIT Global Logistic Properties (GLP) he is fully committed to what he considers the fastest-growing market in the world. Global Logistic Properties, which Schwartz co-founded in 2009 with Ming Mei, is Asia’s largest provider of modern logistics facilities. It owns, manages and leases out 308 completed properties in 123 logistics parks spread across 26 major cities in China and Japan. Schwartz said the company is positioned to take advantage of the tremendous growth in Asia. “China has 1/12th the distribution space per capita that the US does. And there is no reason for that given the growing domestic consumption and middle class there. Out of that 1/12th, 90 percent of that is totally functionally obsolete,” he said. In addition, China is transforming itself into a domestic consumption-driven economy, Schwartz said. Ninety-five percent of Global Logistic’s space is used for domestic consumption. The company weathered through the earthquakes that devasted much of the region earlier this year quite well, which Schwartz attributed to building high-quality properties that have seismic stability control and seismic isolators, as well as to the quality of his team’s response. Going forward, Schwartz envisions the biggest opportunity for growth coming from new development. In fiscal year 2011, ended March 31, 2011, the

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Saturday, May 7th, 2011 Prepper Survival No Comments