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2012, end of the world doom porn, by survival instinct UK

Well, what can I say, there seems to be so much “doom porn” today, people getting excited over the vast amount of end of the world scenarios. But few ever offer a solution to all of the problems we see and know what may happen. All I offer is an “opt out” idea, if we take control of our lives and our food supply, we take back control, we take back our health, our money our time and our choice. If as many of us as possible could grow our own, we’d need for little, all excess could be traded with neighbours, vegetables, meat and protein could all be grown locally in our our gardens, we would cut down on fuel, time and stress, we’d have clean organic foods that use less energy and nasties from big agriculture, pharmaceutical and petrochemical companies. I for one am building an aquaponics system which incorporates fish and vegetables, I hope to add ducks a snail farm and wormery. With a little work and ingenuity I can feed each part of the system for free by using the natural cycle of life, unwanted vegetable matter gets turned too compost by the worms, worms will feed the fish and ducks, snails will feed the fish, ducks and myself, the vegetables will feed me and all excess could be stored or barter with, I’ll eat the fish and ducks plus the eggs, any unwanted bits of the fish or ducks can be used to grow maggots to be the other, so duck waste = maggots = duck food, some goes for the fish. Its simple, economical and viable. Royston.

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Wednesday, December 28th, 2011 2012 Survival 13 Comments