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ELEnin Survival Video – Make Viral!

This is the ELE Survival Video that shows people how to survive the coming Extinction-Level Event to become part of the New World Revolution that will begin post-ELE in the Ozarks. Everyone can upload this video to your account and mirror to help wake people up, so long as you copy this description with all the links. 9/26 ELE Warning Post: Survival Topic: NWO Propaganda Video: 25 Signs Of Dwarf Star: NASA Hiding Doomsday Space Event: Video: NASA Hiding Paper: Cayce Map Future USA: Navy Map Future: Huckleberry Ridge Map: Flag Spring Map: Planet X Dwarf Star Research Group: Important message and guide on how to survive ELEnin’s entry and what chaos it might cause. This video also includes information on Dis-information such as 2012.

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Monday, May 30th, 2011 2012 Survival 7 Comments