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Which do you choose if this happened in 2012?

It seems the 2012 theory has proven eerily true. Astronomers say that within 6 months of March, 2012 there will be a cataclysmic impact by an asteroid. Also, as we speak, it seems that the sun has begun emitting far more energy than every before – this is causing heat waves across the globe, and severe storms all over the equator. The world as we know it, is doomed. All week long the TV has shown the Emergency Broadcast over every channel, and now they finally announce it: the plan to save mankind. Well, actually there are two…

Scenario 1: You and billions of others across the planet are given the chance to board experimental space crafts bound for a possible endless drift through the galaxy and beyond. The basic necessities are provided for. These crafts have been engineered by the top minds of the 21st century to withstand extreme temperatures, use every known renewable energy source, re-create a clean water cycle, and safely house up to ten thousand people each. However, the odds are you will never see Earth again as the space crafts are not equipped to make any movement other than strait forward. The crafts will not be ready for liftoff until 2-3 days before impact is expected. On top of this, the reserves of UV light exposure are only permitted for the growing of food. You will live in a simulated 20-30% amount of what normal day-light would be. Escape pods are only to be used when a safe, terrestrial planet is within a reasonable distance.

You are allowed to bring only THREE items along with you… Probability of survival 79% — Stay with me.

Scenario 2: You are driven 7 miles underground with a group of 200,000 local residents to a developmental bunker, linked with many similar bunkers around your country, that are more like very sophisticated ant mounds, powered with particle fission energy and unlimited amounts of UV light. Because of the effects that the impact may have on the atmosphere you may never be able to return above ground. The basic necessities are provided for. All sense of time may be lost after the impact of the rock headed toward our planet, if we even survive it. The vehicles that will transport you and the others will be ready in 4 months time. After 5 years, certain parties will be selected to venture above ground in search of arable soil, and other surviving colonies. You are told that this is the only way to remain on Earth with the likely hood of returning to its surface (but obviously it being a drastically different place than when you left it.)

You are given free reign to bring up to 30 items of value with you… Probability of survival 65% Now: Please make your choice.

Any other futuristic escape plans? Please share =)
NOTE: The title of my question clearly defines the following text as hypothetical, so stop telling me it’s not true. I know that, that’s why it says "IF" this happened.
@NINJAFISH: copy & paste!? I wrote this earlier tonight thank you very much.

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