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Nostradamus 2 of 3 – Armageddon , EndTimes, 2012?

Nostradamus and I am continuing with the part two section of this discussion. The previous discussion I concluded where all of humanity as one, each and every single human beings package of themselves. Its their thoughts, their words, their emotions, their feelings, their behaviours, their personality. The entire package of each and every single human being is responsible for the current manifestations and expressions of this world. And the current status of this world. It is undeniable. It is seen everywhere. It is known everywhere. And it is understood everywhere. Human beings are aware of what causes starvation. Human beings are aware of what is the cause of war. Human beings are aware of what is the cause of the destruction of Nature. And human beings are aware of what is the cause of the extinction of certain animals within this animal kingdom. Humanity has inhabited this world for eons of time. Humanity is therefore responsible for the current manifested expressions of this world. Yet the question remains. What happens if we continue? What happens if humanity is just left to continue with their own demise? Obviously the end of time. This Earth plane this existence, exists on a time space continuum. Therefore if humanity is merely allowed and accepted to continue with all of your current expressions in this world. The end of time will literally come. But a fascinating experience still occurs at this end of time. It is not a coming of God, no… It will be the

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Saturday, April 30th, 2011 Nostradamus 2012 25 Comments