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Paralympic song

Olympic song for the Paralympic Team UK “Surviving like an English rose” ..Best Olympic song 2012

A soulful Olympic song anthem supporting team UK at the Olympic games 2012.. Release date August 12th 2012 to raise awareness for “Cancer Research UK” Lyrics: “Surviving like an English rose” When all the odds Are stacked against me I’ll try a little harder When every hill Appears Steeper than a mountain I wont give up When all my prayers Appear unanswered I’ll keep on praying When everyday Seems Harder than the last I’ll be there to face another challenge I wont let nothing stand in my way I may need a helping hand It wont be wasted It keeps me feeling strong It keeps me striving on I wont give up Until my job here is done I wont give up Until my fight here is won When all my words Appear unspoken And no one can hear my voice I’ll find the courage That special something To carry on ( SOLO ) When I’ve knocked on every door And there’s no answer A voice inside my head says Try one more When every avenue Is leading no where I’ll keep on being strong I’ll keep on striving on I wont give up Until my job here is done I wont give up Surviving like an English rose Through the winter storms it grows Reaching to the sky to live a new day I wont give up

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