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Surviving 2012 E p 2 Where to go

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2012 Transformation into LOVE secret hidden ancient TRUTH Manly P. Hall

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P 19 2012 Prophecy 00 00 00 00 13 00

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How do U (I) Prepare for 2012 P. 2

Can one prepare for events happen in 2012, if so how and what to prepare for. If the shifting of dimension is true what will that impact you and how would you respond to that.

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America warning – Preparing For Total Economic Collapse in 2012-13 due to Tribulation – P 1

SUBSCRIBE! JESUS/YAHUSHUA paid heavy price 4 you, HE chose to die in our place on the Cross 4 our sins, guilt and shame. YES! He has Triumphed over the power of death. Get your free gift of Salvation This, I know bec I met HIM! in 1990, before then, I believed no God Hi, My Name is David, I am a business man YAHUSHUA healed me from deadly back pain in 2007 If none of GOD/Heaven is real, I wouldnt waste my time I have encountered Heaven & Hell so I testify I am a witness to the Truth & nothing but the Truth I love everyone & I care about u WOW! HE is 4 real, The Son of GOD When I was little, I questioned myself, who made the universe & people? Now I know, There is Almighty GOD who created the Universe And everything in it HE is AMAZING & AWESOME! Get your free Forgiveness TODAY & be set free from fear of death I testify HIS LOVE cast all fears & hurts & wipe away all tears Do u fear death? What ru gonna do about it? and emptiness? How would u going to fill ur emptiness? I, too was empty, I tried to fill it up with the things of the world but more I try to fill it up, more I felt empty in my heart Even Michael Jackson was on drugs bec of emptiness & Miserable inside, what it is good for a man to gain whole world And lose his own soul Emptiness brought sins to my life & Sin led to guilt & guilt brought me shame I realized I was born as a sinner, very capable to do good & evil Good News is There are no enormous sins that GOD won’t forgive If we confess our sins & TURN away

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