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nuclear weapons

Do you ever get the impression something weird is happening to the world, structures are collapsing…?

…disasters multiplying, and overlapping, wars and civil unrest erupting, earthquakes in various places, floods, nuclear accidents, suicide bomb explosions, rogue rulers of Islamic countries being challenged and responding with torture and murder to protect their corrupted dictatorship. Huge Financial problems affecting the global economy, especially the Euro zone and the United States of America.
Physical structures, social structures, financial structures — all collapsing.
Rogue nation, Iran, which vowed to wipe Israel off the map, now suspected of building nuclear weapons. What is hell is going on? Why is complacency in the future being shattered? Why is there a growing feeling of unease about the future?
What big disasters and hardships will 2012 bring? Will they be even greater than the ones that occurred this year? Is there going to be one final huge calamity to round out 2011?
Do you ever get the feeling we are living in the end times?

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Friday, January 6th, 2012 Future Maps of 2012 4 Comments

The Rapture: The End. Is that REALLY what you want? Why?

The Year 2012 is only 4 years away, so we have at least that long to reconcile this.

Revelations Discribes The End.
Nastrodaumous Predicts It.
Native Americans Predict It.
Sciencentists and Astrologers are Aware Of It.
The Myan Calender Stops At About Dec. 21, 2012.

All these prophecies are coming together at once. It’s not a matter of anyone or group being right about it, they ALL see it coming! – Nuclear Holocaust.

The ground work was laid out when nuclear weapons were strategicly placed around the globe … perhaps, just a disruption of the earth as it passes the center line with the Milkey Way will set all those war heads off … in 2012. – Our own efforts to detour nuclear war, by posessing more nuclear weapons than the others, may be the distruction of us all.

Trust me, if this happens … we’re ALL going to the afterlife.

It’s not impossible. But do we need these possibilities?

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Sunday, September 4th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 13 Comments

Why do you Democrats believe that this scenario is impossible?

I keep seeing that many of you are atheists, don’t know why you are but that is your business. I keep seeing many of you posting comments such as "I’m too intelligent to believe in the Bible I believe in evolution and Science" I keep seeing outrageous evil answers when anyone asks about God. Why the hostility towards the man who created you? Here is what some bible readers believe will happen so my question is why is it so hard for you to believe this could happen? In 2010 Scientists predict a huge Earthquake in California that will cause Cali to sink into the ocean crumbling apart.In 2012 they predict the Earth will flip over on its axis killing us all.

Once he is in power the book of Revelations will come into play. He will survive an attempted Assassination, and it will be a miracle he survives a gun shot wound to the head and so his followers will believe he is Jesus, he will perform "miracles (walking on water, turning water into Wine etc, same stuff Jesus did but he will mislead us into evil while claiming he is doing good) he will turn Israel against us by helping Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, Iran will attack Israel and Obama will be there watching it and leading our troops into helping Iran, then Jesus will come to Armageddon in Israel where he and Obama will battle and Obama and his followers will be sent to Hell, so the most we can do is pray for the non-believers, and hope they realize this before it is too late for them to be saved.
Most of you by the comments I have seen in the past say that Christians are not intelligent because we believe in a higher power but you believe we just magically appeared.My beliefs are my life and I do not call you stupid or ignorant for your beliefs. We all need to believe in something otherwise there is no point to live.
I’m not trying to say this but Scientists have, I hope the world never ends. I hope to God I am wrong, but how do we know?

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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 Prepper Survival 9 Comments

If Donald Trump runs as independent will Obama win the election? Could Obama make the 2012 prophecy a reality?

How many people would vote for Trump as an independent instead of whoever the GOP candidate would be?

It would suck if Obama got the election because of that. The Mayans Calendar conspiracy theory of the world ending in 2012 could be true if Obama is re-elected.

The liberals could make the 2012 Mayan Calender prediction a reality! By either:

A) Obama, doing what liberals and socialists throughout history do best, trying to control agriculture and have people starve to death due to improper rationing….People going so freaking crazy that they kill themselves due to all of the psych meds that they are on, since the hippies won and everyone is now on drugs.

B) Obama’s friendly approach towards terrorists leading to a rogue terrorist state like Iran, North Korea, or a psychopath 3rd world dictator obtaining nuclear weapons,


Terrorists like Al Qaeda succeed in overthrowing a country in Middle East with nukes and use them to start world war 3/Nuclear winter


Obama pisses off another power like Pakistan and they hand out nukes to terrorists

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 Prepper Survival 8 Comments

What do you think about these conspiracies/events?

The last month i have been on the internet frequently reading on certain special past, future and current conspiracies/events. I’ve become quite interested in a few things although i need concrete proof to believe in something. a few things are the NWO, ancient astronauts, complete UFO disclosure and WW3 and the Galactic Federation.

I am still not sure whether i am a religious person or not as i have my own beliefs and science has facts, so my view is neutral on all of these things.

I’m just wondering if you believe that their really is a secret society (perhaps being ruled by one person) controlling world governments etc. to bend people to its will and achieve world domination.
(I think it’s possible but i can’t see one group gaining so much power with so much difference in the world)

If you believe the people of ancient times were visited by aliens who helped develop their civilization.
(i think this is true from ancient pictures and paintings showing beings who look like aliens or of a higher power, even spacecraft portrayed to modern detail)

If you think WW3 will occur (some people consider it already started, in sort of a prelude. i mean all out fighting, possibly nuclear war) and what effect will it have on the earth, will humans survive.
(I think there will be a WW3 but i don’t think it will be a total nuclear annihilation, i actually suspect technology is already available in secret to stop/disable or destroy nuclear weapons before they can be detonated)

Lastly, I’ve only just began reading about the Galactic Federation who is supposedly formed up of many alien civilizations that prevent corruption and evil and who will save earth from the NWO. (I think it’s a load of BS, just my opinion)

once again just my opinion, i probably have no idea what I’m talking about. You don’t have to give a detailed answer, short answers are fine.

Extra:I think the 2012 "phenomenon" is a load of bull inflated from the basic fact of the Mayan calender ending on 2012, i do not believe anything will happen, apart from false expectations, some media coverage and a few suicides… it wouldn’t surprise me, anyway just get the idea that I’m not a nutcase.
How about an answer that ANSWERS my QUESTION?

is that too hard for you?

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Friday, October 15th, 2010 Surviving 2012 4 Comments

I thought 2012 was about the Ancient Mother?

In the 90’s when 12-21-12 was first being mentioned I heard the story that this was going to be the day that Mother Nature, Gaia, "god’s better half", was going to wake up from a long sleep and decide what to do with the humans. If she wasn’t pleased with what we’ve done, then she was going to apply a little tough love like having the Yellowstone supervolcano to go off and let the humans deal with it. Teach us a little humility.
I got a feeling she is not going to be pleased about nuclear weapons being tested underground and all the air pollution we’ve managed to cram into the little skin of air around the planet. All the silver and gold and coal and oil and other mined materials that have been extracted, gives her a kind of empty feeling. So the question is, what happened to this theory? Is Gaia, our mother, going to judge us that day? Will she give the humans the thumbs up or the thumbs down?

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Friday, September 10th, 2010 2012 Prophecies 7 Comments

What do you guys think about the year 2012?

Different people of different cultures and their prophecies all point to the year 2012.

Their previous predictions occured which gives them some credibility, right?
Also look at today’s world, countries are starting to produce nuclear weapons, dictatorship in many countries are starting to get more serious and causing more trouble, global warming is getting worse and other small factors that will eventually add up and become a big issue.

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Friday, June 4th, 2010 Prepper Survival 9 Comments