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En syntese av profetiene

En syntese av profetiene til Saint Malachi, Sainte Marie, Matthias Stormberger, Anton Johanson, Ruth Montgomery, Edgar Cayce, Gordon Michael Scallion, Fader Pel og Ned Dougherty.

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011 Future Maps of 2012 No Comments

UFOS ALIENS INVADING EARTH WINTER 2011-2012?? NOT (ILLUMINATI Predictive mindprg,S.Jackson)

FACEBOOK : (Plenty info below) YOUTUBE : The preparation for an staged alien invasion have been going on for a long time. This is the moment some people have been waiting for, the socalled “Project Bluebeam”. Mainly this video will reveal some of the…

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Tuesday, September 27th, 2011 Prepper Survival 26 Comments

Illuminati 2012 population control Obama = TANK YOU SATAN Antichris END OF THE WORLD p1 !

part 2 Antichris freemasonry tIlluminati END OF THE WORLD 2012 Obama YES WE CAN = TANK YOU SATAN

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 2012 Prophecies 3 Comments

European foreigner wants to study for higher education in an American college?

Hi everyone. I’ve never posted in this section before.

So here is the deal. I am 18 years old and live in Norway, Europe, and this year from september 2010 to june 2011, I will be taking my exams in all subjects. I moved to another city and therefore, there were not any open spots in the high school here, so I am finishing my subjects as a private student, which is necessary for me to even stand a chance of getting a higher education. After that, I may be going to the army for 12 months since its mandatory. So that means in 2012, I got to think forward(unless the world ends ).

I want to study in America, but I have no idea how I would get into a college. I hear that college is supposed to be preparation for University, but also that you can complete your studies there instead of going to a University.
Could anyone care to explain a little bit about what college really is? Although I think I have a basic understanding I would like to know more from Americans, or foreigners who studied in America.

The reason I want to study in America is because first and foremost America is the strongest and most important nation in the world in terms of Economic, military and political strength and it is vital for a guy with big ambitions like me and I want to learn to orient myself in a world more and more globalized(with America being the lead player).

Other questions I have:

1. What is the average age group of college students?

2. How is it possible for someone from Norway to get higher education in America?

Besides the military(maybe) and studies in America, I would also like to travel to Russia on a 12-month contract to teach english to Russian students. I have heard about companies that will pay ones ticket to Russia, pay foraccomodationn and pay 1000$ a month(more than enough to survive in Russia). The demand for english teachers in poorer countries are on much demand because of the lack of english-speaking teachers. This would expand my knowledge as I would get to learn the Russian language fluently and get a first-hand knowledge in their culture. Russia is like America a nation of great importance and it would only expand my mind, plus it would open up doors for the future. They also require nothing besides knowledge of the english language, which has always been my strongest subject and I do think that I master it pretty well.

All answers would be greatly appreciated. Please drop all your knowledge and feedback, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂

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Monday, August 29th, 2011 2012 Survival 3 Comments

Elenin Nibiru 2011 End of Mayan Calendar

October 28, 2011 not December 12, 2012 more info: Mayan calendar is precise, but the End date 12/21/2012 is inaccurately estimated on our calendar. Caleman and other researchers give the date October 28, 2011 The world media and film industry spared no effort to convince us whatever will happen, will happen in December 2012. 1 year earlier, millions if not billions of people will die unaware After decades of Astronomical search for Planet X without a clear result, in 2011 surprisingly astronomers of Britain were given broad public platform in Independence and CNN that the brown dwarf really exists. The mainstream media have never made that public before. The brown dwarf is said to be 4 times Jupiter. NASA team echoed the British, giving the name “Tyche” instead of Nibiru, Nemezis etc. WISE data is “analyzed” after the space telescope is hibernated by NASA NASA buzzroom video for one entire month informed us of a possible comet Elenin impact re-estimation of closest approach of some 37 000 miles was posted, after that NASA shut down the buzzroom Comments online say that Elenin is (a part of) Tyche/Nibiru/ Planet X system If so, WW3 should precede any planetary cataclysm according to many Christian prophecies No one will start WW3 under the Asteroids. Post-Cataclysm World will be fixed before the impact. “what are a few nuclear bombs compared to the comet…” will say some leaders Russia announced on RT the speedy build up of new 5000 “bomb

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Friday, May 6th, 2011 Mayan Calendar No Comments

Coast To Coast AM – 4.1.2011 – 1/11 – Remote Viewing Forecast

Remote viewing teacher Major Ed Dames discussed the current cases his agency is working on, as well as provided updates on sunspot activity and military events around the world, including a possible terrorist attack on the US in which fuel-air weapons are to be employed. “2011, for those of us who live in the US, is gonna be about economic survival,” he predicted. Beyond that, Dames grimly declared that from 2012 to 2013, “we’re talking physical survival.” Dames outlined a series of events that his remote viewing team sees happening in the next few years. The first, starting this year, is an implosion of the financial market, creating a global economic collapse. Concurrent with that will be a worldwide influenza pandemic, which he suspects is currently about to enter into the beginning stages. Following these two dire events will be “the use of a nuclear weapon in anger” on the Korean peninsula. Since the North Koreans allegedly do not have the means to deliver an airborne nuclear weapon, Dames asserted that they have, instead, begun developing nuclear land and sea mines. Ultimately, this forecast culminates, “a couple of years from now,” with a solar “kill shot” that will devastate the entire planet. Pressed for any positive predictions for the future, Dames said that the “only thing” he could think of was that “after the dust clears, after 10 or 20 years f rom now, another race will be on the planet Earth to help us rebuild what’s left of the planet.” Regarding the

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2011 2012 Survival 2 Comments

Warning: what IF some benevolent ET prepare the Antichrist coming, after 2012 doom?

Russia is only available early power to oppose the army of ET Draconians and Transformers (Iron Beast). She is promised by Our Lady in Fatima to convert to God (happened, happening?) as a condition of the Era of Peace. That means 1. Russia survives, 2. Russia fights on the good side at least at the end. 3. Russia is not the Antichrist kingdom (Daniel’s 4 beasts – the iron beast will be destroyed that is the antichrist kingdom, while the rest 3 will repent). Should we wait and see? Or should we clean the Earth? What is God’s will – to allow the antichrist to rise, or to fight him? In this video is presented a possible scenario, hopefully not the real one. Because after the cataclysms in 2012 there will be many “benevolent aliens” who with their hi-tech will make the earth pleasant at the time the antichrist will rise. Think about who is who! We need help now. Whoever waits the ruins to reign on earth, is the one who de fact brings the 666 rule closer.No matter the skin color of the alien ET. Please, go first through some basic data about the ET races, and then compare what you read with this and other views of the real alien agendas. Ae they ours, or are they the God’s plans for humanity? Some might be. We don’t want to say the Pleiadians or Andromedans are evil but we want to warn them and all the others that they play very dangerously with the fire by trying to modify the Sacred scripture. Ths they will line up on the losing side in Armageddon – f they decide so. They

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Thursday, January 13th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment

Can Anyone Get Into One Of Those Underground Bunkers? 2012?

I’m not saying i believe in the 2012 prophecies, the continents ripping apart, yellowstone erupting, planet X etc. But if something were going to happen, the underground bunkers in Norway and other countries, can anyone get into them. Or are we all doomed to die a horrible death if all the important people cram into bunkers?
Thanks 🙂 No answers about 2012, just about the underground bunkers

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Tuesday, December 21st, 2010 Prepper Survival 4 Comments

Did Michelle Obama help plot Baxter swine flu to kill FEMA resistors? Biggest “nonprofit” salary disclosed: Adventist Health CEO Don Jernigan’s .5 million. Yes, Florida Hospital’s parent company may be a “faith-based nonprofit,” but that doesn’t mean it’s not profitable to work there. Tax records for this tax-exempt group showed that at least seven Adventist execs had annual packages worth more than million. And Jernigan’s .5 million was more than the top administrators of the famed Mayo Clinic and Johns Hopkins Health System made combined. Obama declares swine flu a national emergency President Barack Obama declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency, giving his health chief the power to let hospitals move emergency rooms offsite to speed treatment and protect noninfected patients. The declaration, signed Friday night and announced Saturday, comes with the disease more prevalent than ever in the country and production delays undercutting the government’s initial, optimistic estimates that as many as 120 million doses of the vaccine could be available by mid-October. Some hospitals have opened drive-thrus and drive-up tent clinics to screen and treat swine flu patients. The idea is to keep infectious people out of regular emergency rooms and away from other sick patients. Hospitals could modify patient rules — for example, requiring them to give less information during a hectic time — to quicken access to treatment, with government approval, under the declaration. It also addresses a financial question for

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 Prepper Survival 26 Comments

Has anyone read 2012 The survival guide from From: Maxwell John Swart?

I was surfing the net and I came across a banner advertising 2012 The Survival Guide from Maxwell John Swart and I would like to hear from someone who has bought and read the book.

I have researched a lot about this subject and if it is not going to happen a catastrophe why is it that some countries (USA, Norway, Russian to name a few) are building huge bunkers? What do they Know that we don’t?

The book website is

I would appreciate to listen your views.

Thanks in advance.

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Friday, October 15th, 2010 2012 Survival 2 Comments