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The Nostradamus Address

The translations presented in this Address are founded upon the original 1568 French Edition (Lyon) of Les Propheties De M. Michel Nostradamus which records Nostradamus’ Complete and Original Prophecies consisting of 10 Centuries of 942 Quatrains. Especial thanks to the owner Mario Gregorio for allowing me the use of the original editions and other relevant documents of the period and also for his valued assistance. Nostradamus’ Prophecies have been in continual regular print since first publication of ‘Les Propheties’ in 1555. Many editions have been produced by various and sometimes the same printing houses that human error in the process of typesetting has undoubtedly played its part. This has resulted in subtle and sometimes significant differences when the published editions are compared with one another. As such these variances needed to be studied, analysed and noted before proceeding with the work of serious translation. Presuming that Nostradamus would have mostly checked each new printing for accuracy, it is likely that when each edition was published he would have made corrections or even modifications for amendment and inclusion within the next publication. In addition to this there are also differences that need to be compared and considered in the pursuit of a better understanding and in determining the intended meaning of each Quatrain. In my opinion the 1568 published edition was the most suitable original source document on which to base this analysis as

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Monday, March 26th, 2012 Nostradamus 2012 11 Comments

"2012 is real ending" why?

There r many things in my bible & let me put them in order 4 u all:
1. World War affecting the environment.
2. People being tricked 4 year 2000 ending.
3. 666 not the devil’s number but its a sign of bad comparing 2 evil actions.
4. 2 famous towers in an important city would b destroyed & evidence on money.
5. A spreading disease not cause by animals; caused by human nature.
6. Earthquake in Haiti, not 4 nature; by a man that has an impact w/ Devil that caused a big damage.
7. Ocean contaminated & clean after.
8. Relative dating.
9. 2 Angels coming 2 this world & anything alive present on floor & air dies because living creatures can’t have the privilige 2 c the good.
10. California acopalitsy.
11. Biggest earthquake in history in the center of the land of opportunity.
12. Planet’s acopalitsy, few survive.
13. Many years later, end of the world when it comes 2 a new planet.

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Thursday, April 21st, 2011 Prepper Survival 13 Comments

I had a dream about the End of the World….

I didn’t read any books before going to bed, didn’t watch any movies that involves the same subject. I was watching Black Gold, from the TruTv channel at 10:30ish.

But about 3 months ago I was really aware of how people say that the world will end in 2012 of December…. Of how this new planet is going to stop the earth for 3 days to a week…. Of how there will be nuclear war ( WW3). I don’t know if anything like that is true, But I do believe in God and Believe in what the bible says. I don’t read too much of it, because to be honest, which I know is wrong I haven’t really given much time to do it, which I should.

Anyways here’s my dream(s)… It started off by me talking to my Fiance about whatever, then I went to go watch his and my child, which we are about to have together in 5 more months. Yes I am pregnant. We were talking some more, and we lived in a different City in another Apartment. All of a sudden I asked what day it was. The funny thing in my dream was it was December 2008….. why would it be that day??? Anyways, A large Earthquake took place and shook the room really hard. I ran for my children as fast as I could.

Then a TORNADO hit right outside my Apartment and lifted the Entire building just enough to hover off the ground for a second or two. I was scared and grabbed my children and told my fiance we have to leave right now! He was trying to figure out what was going on. He was scared too. Then We drove away and left everything behind, except for things we needed for the kids such as food, clothes, and whatever supplies we needed for safety.

After are long drive we noticed there was a library, I was trying to grab Wifi through my laptop to figure out what’s going on. I saw the news, millions of people were dying out there, tornadoes had destroyed everything and the earthquake was larger than China’s recent one. EVERYTHING was Demolished. people out there looked like Zombies, and walked slowly towards my car… I was scared so we continued.

The sky was turning red as the Same color of the planet, or huge rock i saw in the sky. It was really huge and all I can do is stare at it. I saw animals killing each other blood was everywhere, and people were just dying. I found out that one of the safe points was in New york. I told my fiance WE HAVE TO GO THERE. He looked at me like I was crazy, But we had no choice if we wanted to survive.

We filled the gas tank as much as possible. And took off. Long beach was already under water which explained why I smelled Sea water from another state. We out in the middle of nowhere. I looked at my kids and started crying cause they are so young, one was 5 and the other was just an infant. I was scared. Then we went to a building, New york looked really screwed up. And a man showed up.

Now he was asking me questions. I told him I had to come here to be safe. but he told me that there is no escaping this. Everyone is dying and there are just a few of us left. Day after day the World looked like hell. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, Tsunami, every natural disaster took place.

The man took me inside a underground dome, that was small enough for just a few people. Others were there praying hoping this will all be over…. I asked my fiance to pray with me but he wouldn’t cause he said, "god is not real, otherwise he wouldn’t do this to us!" I told him that it’s our fault that this happen, god gave us a free will, but alot people have abused it. And now god is tired…. He sat there and started crying. I asked him. "do you accept God and jesus and your lord an personal savior". He began to cry more and said yes. I do. everyone was praying for us cause we were the only surviving family. Then a huge flash covered my vision. And I woke up so scared crying.

How should I really feel about this dream??? this is not the first time. I’ve had dreams like this since I was a child. but it would get worse the older I got…

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Saturday, April 9th, 2011 2012 Survival 25 Comments

why does the mayan calendar end at 2012?

maybe something bad will happen …i mean look at the weather its insane……………………………..or maybe there will be a new planet or somethin….how did thay know about the earths cycle back then?….they barely had diapers invented how would they know anything

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Thursday, January 20th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 18 Comments

2012, Zodiac Sign Change, Astrological Sign, End of Times warning, Horoscope update

What’s it called? Ophiuchus? “Oh Fu*k Us?!? Ophiuchus? Zodiac Sign Change, Astrological Sign, End of Times warning, Horoscope update Panspermia , The Measurement Problem, Sign Changes, Horoscope changes, When are we going to stop and say “Hey, WTF is going on?” If you knew ⅔ of what I knew about the reality of all of this, you would be trying to figure out “hey, WTF is going on?”. One day, you’ll figure it out, one day, for now, you’ll just have to hope that I’ll post more videos. But for now…don’t drink the water (ha ha ha ha, no seriously don’t drink the water). See ya at the Fema Camps!! Thumbs up if the huge tits got ya here!

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Saturday, January 15th, 2011 2012 Astrology 6 Comments

What if the whole 2012 incident really happens?

I know you all have heard about 2012, the end of the world. But my thing is, if this day really happens, could’nt we all just go to another planet and survive there? Like i read on yahoo this morning that scientist discovered a new planet that they said is just like earth, maybe we could live there. Or is 2012 just an idea or a myth? I guess we all have to just wait and see eh….? Or like on the movie Wall E, we could all live on a giant spaceship orbiting outer space? Just curious here…. 🙂

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Friday, December 31st, 2010 Prepper Survival 15 Comments

What is meant exactly by the end of the world?

Usually I try to stay away from this topic, especially in regards with the 2012 conspiracy theories which have very little to with Christianity or religion. But now I’m curious, what is meant by the end of the world according to Christian belief?

The end of and age: Old ways are gone, making way for new ways. Nothing actually gets destroyed except former ways of thinking.
The end of the human race: Earth stays in tact but the human race either gets wiped or drastically reduced and only the chosen ones inherit the earth.
The end of the planet earth: The planet blows up or is rendered completely uninhabitable but the rest of the solar system and the universe is okay. The chosen ones live on a new planet Earth elsewhere in space.
The end of the universe: Everything in existence gets wiped away. Every planet, every galaxy, every star. Only the chosen live in a new reality in a new universe.
Some other interpretation not covered here.

I’m an atheist but I can see a combination of the first two. The Earth gets rendered uninhabitable for whatever raeson, nuclear holocaust due to man’s folly or a gamma ray burst from some nearby star that’s beyond our human control. Some people manage to survive and once the world gets restored, they inherit the earth and revert back to more peaceful hunter gatherers now that they’re numbers are smaller and technology no longer controls our obsessions.

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Monday, November 1st, 2010 Prepper Survival 24 Comments

Okay, 2012 Is fucking annoying.?

How can we think there isn’t gonna happen if heaps of religions think so AND scientist, even the greeks think something will happen soon.
I mean we can’t be 100% sure about 2012 not happening.
yeah Y2K didn’t happen, but Y2K didn’t make any sense about the computers and everything and religion ETC didn’t say anything will happen.
Last week Jupiter gets hit by a very large comet moving it a lil.
Also news about a new planet has been found.
Just like 2012, they said something about a new planet, called Planet X and this will hit us.
I don’t know it all seems ironic all of a sudden.
But scientist say there will be a polar shift.
Heard there is awareness already for survival.
It’s just really annoying that us non scientist are saying nothing will happen but its a load of bullshit then you got NASA and scientist who study these kinda thing saying it will happen?

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Saturday, September 18th, 2010 2012 Survival 3 Comments

I am very curious right now so help?

I was checking out the new sun rays that might affect our planet. I came across something call the death star. I heard that a big explosion from the star will send its gamma rays to earth and completely destroy earth. The star is said to have a SUPER super nova on December 21 2012. I also read that a new planet was discover and its a big planet called Planet X. I just wanted to know if we stand a chance of surviving this gamma ray. or planet thing.

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Saturday, July 17th, 2010 2012 And Planet X 7 Comments