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Should I switch majors? Or should I stay with the one I have?

I am a 20 year old 2008 High school graduate and I’m in my second year of college, I slacked off I know. I am currently majoring in Communications because I know you have the options to have a variety of jobs in media, business, and public relations field. However, some of my dream professions such as being a news writer or writing content for radio talent are very difficult to get into and jobs are somewhat scarce. In addition to the tough competition, media is a very fast pace, fast changing, and easy to ruin careers. I am afraid of not being able to get a job after graduation so I thought about becoming a dental hygienist only because the medical and dental fields are much more secure than media careers.

I am very creative and enjoy studying communications and I have an absolute ball working as an intern in radio and news stations. I have worked 12 hour shifts and have worked every hour with joy and energy. On the other hand, I do enjoy working with people but I know you must be savvy with math and calculations as a professional in the dental and medical field. I absolutely suck at math, I struggle so much and can barely survive in a math class. Should I keep my current major and finally graduate December 2012? Or should I start over and pursue a new major as a dental hygienist?

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Thursday, August 25th, 2011 Prepper Survival 2 Comments

In theory if it was the end of the world (2012 lol), what job or career would be the most advantagous?

I’m a college student in honors, and my major is psychology then off to law. I have pondered the idea though because of today’s rapidly deteriorating economy and all the crazies saying the world will end in 2012, would it be beneficial to be medical instead? Think of it this way, Let’s say only a limited amount of people would be given resources to survive, would they prefer giving priority to the college educated (medical field, military, scientists) first? Not really serious, I’m still planning to go into psychology and law but my family INSISTS I go into the medical profession for the job stability. :/ Your thoughts please? Discuss?
Yes, I know it would be the end of the world so it doesn’t matter, but hey you never know most likely the doctors would survive :p

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Monday, May 31st, 2010 Prepper Survival 2 Comments