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what predictions by the mayans have come true and what are your opinions on the 2012 revelation?

ok so have any mayan events come true and what were they oh and this is my personal opinion on the subject:

I personally dont think that this tragic event will take place and i just read an article that said if the mayan callender that runs on a scale of 0-20 continues past 1-3-0-0-0-0 than the myan prediction is wrong but if it goes back to 0-0-0-0-0-0 then their prediction was right but we still might not be affected and in my personal opinion/prediction i think that that day 12/21/12 will be the day the water levels reach the highest points or perhaps nothing. in the book of revealation in the bible there were seven ways in which our death would occur(i watched a tv special on this) and it said that there might be these things called gamma rays which are found in nuclear bombs that were also found in space when a satelite was placed in space to track them to see if russia was making nuclear bombs cause this was in the cold war and they actually found them but in the outer rims of space. if this occured and the gamma rays reached earth we would see a bright light and die but they said that those probaly wont come from thousands or millions of years or even never.
there was also a thing called super volcanoes that are in areas such as yellowstone national park underneath the bedrock of the whole park is emmense amounts of magma and over time(no exact date but not soon!) the magma would erupt to the surface, and there are lots of these "super volcanoes" around the world.something like this happened around the time of the dinosaurs, there were i think a ring of 42? volcanoes in india i forget what they were called but they all erupted around the same time as the "meteor" hit earth (in "" cause their not for sure) and when all those volcanoes erupted they put toxins in the air that also wiped out the dinosaurs. and i know this is scary it scares me alot but the whole nuclear hollucost thing was in the book to and its the almighty war between good and bad, but with our nations leaders in complete agreement of not letting this occur i’m not sure its the most likely
another one though was the oceans and/or rivers and lakes turning to blood, and yes those of you who studied the ten plagues of egypt(moses and the exodus) it was teh first plague, but scientists have related this to the red tide, when a red tinted bacteria is in the water and it kills all living things in there, this has been seen in many areas but if it over whelming icreases we could see and all ocean red tide, if it happened to the lakes and rivers we would loose all our drinking water, but one of the big things with the ocean is that this bacteria leeches out poisons that would kill people in the surrounding area.
i know how does this relate to the mayans but this was also predicting and scientists have researched it and they can save us, global warming was alos there, earthquakes, plagues, starvation, drought. we face problems every day every one dies. if we do die on 12/21/12 which i dont personally think we will well then atleast we will know we are dying with those we love and care for most, and maybe just maybe in that time you will bond more with those who mean the most to you and live to love them longer.
also humans are known to be afraid of the unknown i recently read that the calender in over a time period that lasts longer that 5,000 years and maybe since they were ended their society was ended before they could continue it and also maybe it is just a new begining a new start a new calender, i read a chat room and someone had said when my calender is done im not dead i just buy a new one

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2012 Earthquake (Survival) by: JabbatheFrukt – Little Big Planet 2 Community Spotlight/review- PHZ

Episode 33-LBP2: 2012 Earthquake Survival. This video features an in game commentary and review of the Earthquake Survival level by Jabbathefrukt for Little Big Planet 2 community. It features competitive versus game play where you have to collect the target amount of point bubbles with spectacularly fun earthquakes. This amazing level is reviewed in depth by Puppet Hound Z on the quality of the game-play, design features. Episode 35: Puppet Hound Z Show- Z’s Favorite Community Levels in Little Big Planet 2- Spotlighting 2012 Earthquake (Survival) by: JabbatheFrukt Official Little Big Planet Website: Check out Ladylyn’s Community levels on LBP2 website here: Try these community game levels out and leave a comment below if you like it or if you feel it sucks. The YouTube Gaming community needs to know whether this game will stand the test of time or is just another gaming gimmick. Also go check out this level on LBP for real and give him a heart if you like it. There is no sense in just watching it here, play it on your PS3! -Please subscribe if you enjoyed this video. Z has a new episode Tuesday of every week! -Featuring video game reviews, tech tips, parodies, Las Vegas flavor, etc. Subscribe to more Puppet Hound Z here: _____________________________________________________________ Filmed, Directed, Edited, written and performed by Kaleb Fabsik Green Screen Effects by: Kaleb Fabsik Puppet Hound Z Music by: Kaleb Fabsik

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Coast to Coast AM – Earth Changes, Mars & Atlantis 1/12

PLAYLIST: 06 April 2004 Futurist, teacher, and author, Gordon-Michael Scallion (matrixinstitute(1)) returned to the show to discuss his visions of earth changes and life on Mars. Scallion said he has long had multiple visions of land changes along the Wyoming/Utah/Colorado/Idaho borders, but it was in 1999 that he began focusing on Yellowstone. He said the huge magma flow that covers five states will eventually push the land mass up, and that this is one of the key elements that causes the drastic earth changes he foresees in North America. These changes will occur in three waves he said, leaving islands in their wake. The first will be a massive land fracture running from Eureka, CA to Yuma, AZ, the second from Newport, Ore. to Phoenix, and third from Mount Rainier to Nebraska. As the “lithosphere of the Earth” slides, North America will lose 1/3 of its land mass, said Scallion, but he noted that parts of the continent of Atlantis will rise in the Atlantic Ocean. Sharing his visions of Mars, Scallion said that 18 million years ago, the planet had a tropical climate and was inhabited by two intelligent species, one Neanderthal-like and the other, scaly Aquatic beings. Both groups had less density than us and would appear mist-like to us, he noted. Scallion also said he saw Mars’ moon Phobos becoming dislodged from its orbit in an upcoming solar flare, and causing problems as it goes past Earth.

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