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爸吃饭2012 Chinese New Year Commercial MUST WATCH – by BERNAS

Very touching commercial by BERNAS. I downloaded it for sharing the love is with reunion dinner. Chinese New Year is always a time for reunion. Whatever differences we may have as a family, there’s always a way to overcome them. So let’s come together as one family during reunion dinner. After all, family is forever.Family Reunion Dinner “Sek Fan” English and 吃饭in chinese by: Misul Malaysia

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Indian in the machine – A Sylph, A Right Angled Cloud, and New Rainbow Colours In The Sky

Indian in the machine Prepare for 2012 and Detox From The Modern World Indian in the machine is an international spiritual sky watcher SYLPHS AND UFO CLOUDSHIPS 1 http SYLPHS AND UFO CLOUDSHIPS 2 UFOS AROUND THE SUN http

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Zombie Panic Source Gameplay

The game features four modes of gameplay, Zombie Panic! Survival mode, Zombie Panic! Objective mode, Zombie Panic! Hardcore mode, and ZPA mode. In survival mode, the zombies start with a number of lives based on the amount of players which are slowly depleted as zombies are killed and subsequently come back. In this mode, the round can only be won if one side completely destroys the other or after 15 minutes and survivors are still left standing. A Zombie life is gained if a human is killed and the human that dies, respawns on the zombie team. Objective mode introduces a set of objectives the survivors must complete. The zombie team has an infinite number of lives in objective mode, so zombies can always join the action again if they are killed. Hardcore mode dramatically increases the strength of the undead horde. Survivors must survive for 5 minutes rather that 15, but this shorter time to beat is compensated by more zombies at the start, all of these initial zombies are capable of infection (75% chance when hitting a survivor) and firearms and explosives do less damage. ZPA mode (The acronym for the “A” has never officially been revealed) includes infinite respawns for both the humans and zombies (survivors in waves of 20 seconds), a main objective (usually hold a control point for a certain amount of time) and side objectives (winnable by both teams, gives more carriers for zombies, more weapons for humans). The teams are also autobalanced. This mode was created to

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Indian in the machine – Hidden Poisons In Everyday Foods And Products

Dieter talks about the hidden poisons in everyday foods and products…welcome to canada land of the fee and home of the slave….. where the safeway isn’t the “safe way” and the superstore isn’t so super. Don’t be fooled by “everyday value”! DETOX FROM THE MODERN WORLD AND PREPARE FOR 2012 WITH INDIAN IN THE MACHINE Cameraman Daeran Gall http Ancient Spirals Retreats

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Call of Duty | Nazi Zombies | Kino Der Toten | How to Survive Into High Rounds | Part One

Me on Nazi Zombies showing you how to survive longer! IGNORE TAGS —————————————————————————— Nazi, Reich, Undead, Dead, Brains, Zombies, Kill, Guns, Mystery Box, Quick Revive, Double Tap, Speed Cola, Juggernog, Extra Health, Extra Life, PhD Flopper, Monkey Bomb, Wunderwaffle, Gersh Device, Thundergun, Ray Gun, Zeus Cannon, Matrishka Dolls, Tank, Dempsy, Nikoli, Takeo, Edwin, Richtofen, Secret, Easter Egg, Teleporter, Pack-a-Punch, Machine, Power-up, Perk, Achievement, Trophy, Fly Trap, Save Me From Sam, Sam, Samantha, Node, Round 2458, Round 100. Round 50, Round 1000, Round 2000, Strategies, Cheats, hacks, Glitches, no clip, Infinite ammo, Max ammo after every kill, Hell hounds, Monkies, monkies stel your perks, beware of the 6, dr maxis, teddy, teddy is a liar, eddy is a liar, area 51, alien terrorist mode, kino, der, toten, nacht, der, untoten, shi, no, numa, verruckt, der riese, the giant, theater of the damned, nicht of the undead, five, four, three, two , one, zero, winters howl, winters fury, headshot, aimbot, 2011, 2012, 2013, february

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Indian in the machine – A Bar Party Suddenly Goes Tribal (Native North American Drum!)

A wonderful night of music, stories, friends, sushi, and all things purple and drums…. The big drum at the heart of this recording was burnt last year at Ness Creek Music Festival drum circle… as a result it warped slightly from it’s original circle shape…thus adding different notes. For me recording represents the spirit of a drum circle with the tribes that walked the prairies, along with the spirit world dancing around us. Sometimes when I’m drumming this intense, it can really “clear my energy”… lol, sometimes I can barely walk afterwards but it’s all good. Pounding a big beautiful drum in trance is a glorious inspirer, and can really clear the path to God… Lovelight, Indian Keyboard overdub: IITM Plight of the Purple Pixie: The Adventure Begins BOOK RELEASE ~ POSTER UNVEILING ~ PUNT-OFF PARTY!!! Friday APRIL FOOLS @ Lydia’s Loft … Saskatoon, SK … Broadway/11th Contact Purple Pixie to host your own pixie party, for book sales, BC caravan of healers and artists The Purple Pixie Prepare for 2012 and detox from the modern world… drumming, 2012, ascended masters, see beyond this reality, new technologies, earth changes and more… Indian in the machine

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Hopi Prophecy Rock – The End of Times – 2012 – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It

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Indian in the machine – 2011, Extraterrestrials, New Financial System, and Free Energy


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Indian in the machine – North American Earth Changes And Arkansas Crystal Activation On 10/10/10

Dieter talks about north american earth changes and the connection to the giant crystals under Arkansas buried there since Atlantis. Video: Dana (thanks ;)) Indian in the machine Prepare for 2012 and Detox From The Modern World ARKANSAS HAS HAD OVER 500 MEASURABLE EARTHQUAKES SINCE 10 WHY — BY DIETER BRAUN (INDIAN IN THE MACHINE) Humanity is learning how to use crystals (mp3) part 3 of 7 parts of Indian in the machine’s Crystal Weekend talk at Flowers by Fred. CRYSTALS AND HEALTH INFORMATION CENTRE

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