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London 2012

Nick Clegg visits Valleys Kids as they prepare for the London 2012 Festival

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg today visited the Rhondda Valley and was given a sneak preview of one of the highlights of the London 2012 Festival in Wales which kicks off a week today. For news and media resources for journalists covering London 2012 visit: For up-to-date news and information on London 2012 follow us @2012GovUK.

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Preparing for London 2012

Wasn’t it amazing when London won the bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic Games over five years ago now, and for many organisations, that’s when the planning started. As the largest sporting event in recorded history the London 2012 Games are likely to have an impact on your organisation. Act now and you can minimise the risks and maximise the opportunities. It won’t only be the big organisations that will reap the financial rewards that will undoubtedly accompany The Games. Small and medium-sized businesses will too, provided they get involved now. With the influx of 500000 visitors to the UK and huge extra pressures on the capital’s travel infrastructure, have you considered how your staff will cope with commuting during the Games? Will you be able to make or receive deliveries? And are your customers aware of the logistical issues that could arise? To cope with all the increased demand and footfall in the capital, will you need to take on extra staff to make optimise returns over the Games period? You will need to check that your network infrastructure will be able to handle the increase in data communications? Now is the time to look at your organisation and ask, are we ready? The BT showcase team can pull together a personalised demonstration that will help you examine how prepared you are and share many of the communications solutions available to ensure your organisation is ready for when the Games come to London. To find out more about preparing for the summer

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all 2012: Snoop Dogg, Warren G and Phillips Idowu take on GB Basketball in some 3 on 3

Snoop Dogg and Warren G joined British triple jumper Phillips Idowu in a 3 on 3 basketball match against GB basketballers in the Olympic borough of Greenwich, London, to mark the one year to go countdown to the London 2012 Olympic Games. Snoop Dogg is all in, Warren G is all in, Idowu is all in. London 2012, adidas is all in.

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