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Surviving 2012 – PowerBook Duo 230 – Day 16

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Sunday, June 10th, 2012 Surviving 2012 9 Comments

 IPhone Free App  (04-05-2012) Aztec Magic Ball

Daily Free App Gameplay Review

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Saturday, May 5th, 2012 Aztec Calendar No Comments

What Going OFF THE GRID means to me. part 2

Part 2 of what going off the grid means to me. Also some shout outs at the end. Thanks for watching. BW

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Sunday, May 1st, 2011 2012 Survival 9 Comments

I had a dream about the End of the World….

I didn’t read any books before going to bed, didn’t watch any movies that involves the same subject. I was watching Black Gold, from the TruTv channel at 10:30ish.

But about 3 months ago I was really aware of how people say that the world will end in 2012 of December…. Of how this new planet is going to stop the earth for 3 days to a week…. Of how there will be nuclear war ( WW3). I don’t know if anything like that is true, But I do believe in God and Believe in what the bible says. I don’t read too much of it, because to be honest, which I know is wrong I haven’t really given much time to do it, which I should.

Anyways here’s my dream(s)… It started off by me talking to my Fiance about whatever, then I went to go watch his and my child, which we are about to have together in 5 more months. Yes I am pregnant. We were talking some more, and we lived in a different City in another Apartment. All of a sudden I asked what day it was. The funny thing in my dream was it was December 2008….. why would it be that day??? Anyways, A large Earthquake took place and shook the room really hard. I ran for my children as fast as I could.

Then a TORNADO hit right outside my Apartment and lifted the Entire building just enough to hover off the ground for a second or two. I was scared and grabbed my children and told my fiance we have to leave right now! He was trying to figure out what was going on. He was scared too. Then We drove away and left everything behind, except for things we needed for the kids such as food, clothes, and whatever supplies we needed for safety.

After are long drive we noticed there was a library, I was trying to grab Wifi through my laptop to figure out what’s going on. I saw the news, millions of people were dying out there, tornadoes had destroyed everything and the earthquake was larger than China’s recent one. EVERYTHING was Demolished. people out there looked like Zombies, and walked slowly towards my car… I was scared so we continued.

The sky was turning red as the Same color of the planet, or huge rock i saw in the sky. It was really huge and all I can do is stare at it. I saw animals killing each other blood was everywhere, and people were just dying. I found out that one of the safe points was in New york. I told my fiance WE HAVE TO GO THERE. He looked at me like I was crazy, But we had no choice if we wanted to survive.

We filled the gas tank as much as possible. And took off. Long beach was already under water which explained why I smelled Sea water from another state. We out in the middle of nowhere. I looked at my kids and started crying cause they are so young, one was 5 and the other was just an infant. I was scared. Then we went to a building, New york looked really screwed up. And a man showed up.

Now he was asking me questions. I told him I had to come here to be safe. but he told me that there is no escaping this. Everyone is dying and there are just a few of us left. Day after day the World looked like hell. Earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, Tsunami, every natural disaster took place.

The man took me inside a underground dome, that was small enough for just a few people. Others were there praying hoping this will all be over…. I asked my fiance to pray with me but he wouldn’t cause he said, "god is not real, otherwise he wouldn’t do this to us!" I told him that it’s our fault that this happen, god gave us a free will, but alot people have abused it. And now god is tired…. He sat there and started crying. I asked him. "do you accept God and jesus and your lord an personal savior". He began to cry more and said yes. I do. everyone was praying for us cause we were the only surviving family. Then a huge flash covered my vision. And I woke up so scared crying.

How should I really feel about this dream??? this is not the first time. I’ve had dreams like this since I was a child. but it would get worse the older I got…

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Saturday, April 9th, 2011 2012 Survival 25 Comments

Will you survive in the end or will you cry until you die?

Ok, i’m not absolutey sure on what will hapen or when it will, but 2012 is a big story apparently with lots of theories on what will happen. Just curious, if something happens where all technology ceased to exist or work (no more iphones, fast food restaurants, ipods, cell phones, computers, cars, appliances, etc.) and we had to go back to living the way people did in like the middle ages or whenever, would you rough it out, give it your best shot to survive in the wild like the pioneers or whoever survived in the past without all the things we take for granted, do whatever it took to survive (migrate, murder, hunt your food, bath in the river, live in the wild, kill for your territory, etc.) for as long as you could make it. OR….would you seriously just curl up in the corner with your iphone, ipod, and laptop, and cry until you were dead? Would you take it like a true human who knows the true ways of their ancestors, or would you take it like a pussy?
Be honest, people.

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Monday, June 21st, 2010 Surviving 2012 2 Comments