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2012 – Renpet – Kemet Egypt Future – Science Fiction or Fact ?

Like us – *Disclaimer: I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectful owners. I do retain rights however on the vocal transmissions. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only. Like us – Allegedly, scientists have recently received transmissions from what may be an alternative future Earth. So far the only proof, besides the strange radio waves that have entered our atmosphere, is a Science Fiction Novel called Renpet. Upon further investigation into the strange communication, it was found that the entire storyline was transmitted to the writer. Through dreams, a being named Serqet communicated with him. Here is a brief synopsis on the Science Fiction Novel Renpet: Serqet’s leisurely strolls through the corridors of her inter-dimensional spacecraft come to an end when the Elders of her advanced race of beings summon her. She has trained for this moment for all her life however nothing prepares her for the depth of responsibility expected of her, the survival of her bloodline. Her kinsmen are the future descendants of the survivors of the The Great Year. The Great Year is marked when planet earth passes through an energy field during the solar system’s complete orbit around the central sun of the Pleiades known as Alcyone. Following this event, the Earth goes through continental shifts, dramatic weather patterns changes, intense

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Hi my name is Freddy. This is my video presentation for my fourth grade history class. It’s about how to survive 2012. Let me know if you think it’s good. I hope I get an A++ on it! CLICK HERE FOR MORE VIDEOS: CLICK SUBSCRIBE ABOVE!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: (Note: Please keep in mind I’m playing a character. I’m not actually like this.) ————————————————————————————– Random tags for you to ignore: 2011 happy new year 2012 the end of the world how to survive 2012 survival tips safety tips new years eve special mark pearl iammarkpearl iammarkpearl show the station is watching you #3 iammarkpearl show #5 mcdonalds inception prank phone call happy new year 2012 parody spoof sketch comedy funny fake school presentation stupid kid fourth grade elementary school freddy thompson iammarkpearl

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