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NEWS & 10 Things You Must Do To Survive The Coming Economic Crisis

New CLIPSER Channel Obama seeks fiscal responsibility mantle The “pay-as-you-go” budget formula plan is A joke Whitacre Vows to Learn About Cars as Chairman of New GM Board Russia May Swap Some US Treasuries for IMF Debt Fed Would Be Shut Down If It Were Audited, Expert Says 10 Things You Must Do To Survive The Coming Economic Crisis: 1)Stop listening to those who claim that The Market is telling you the recession is ending/over. Baloney. 2)Get out of debt – NOW. 3)Stop spending more than you make – in fact, do the opposite – start saving. NOW. You need to be saving 10% of your gross income. 4)Ive said it before but it bears repeating: have the ability to make it even if you lose your job. Most people say three months of reserves are necessary. Ive said six months to two years, and Ill reiterate it. 5)Pull ALL of your business from ANY bank that has received federal assistance. 6)If you have assets in the stock market, and have thus enjoyed the rally off SPX 666, either sell or hedge that exposure RIGHT NOW. 7)Figure out what youre going to do if we suffer a sudden stop and be prepared to execute that plan. 8)Dont count on metals. 9)Acquire lawful means of self-defense. 10)Figure out who your friends are – and arent.

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