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honey bees

Do you believe there will be a change that occurs in the world in 2012?

I don’t believe the world will end but I could possibly see some major event or series of events that might forever change the course of human history.

For example, what if the honey bees begin to decline even more rapidly than they already are… Einstein predicted the human race would survive 4 years without bees. A little scary bc it’s 2008 and they’re going fast.

I’m curious as to your serious thoughts, I’m not a doomsday girl but I also see there might be some truth to Mayan calender, thank you.

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Friday, November 26th, 2010 Prepper Survival 8 Comments

just wondering about 2012?

i was looking at old questions in here and found these.. " The answer to all your questions is at Lot’s of other things were predicted by people years ago. Einstein said that when the species of honey bees die out, the human race will only have 4 years to survive. Ironically, the honey bee population has decreased rapidly in the past 20 years, and could possibly be extinct by 2012.
The Holy Bible say for Christians to watch for the signs of the end times and that no man knows the return of Christ. But the Bible wasn’t talking about the signs mentioned in Revelation, it was talking about the signs that mother Earth gives us herself, like the Mayan calendar, and the disapearing honeybees etc. The clues are all in Nature. Read about the prophecies of the Popes. In the Catholic church, a pope was given a vision of the list of Pope’s and latin words to describe something about their life. They have all come true and are still coming true. We are 2 popes away from the last one on the list, and the prophesies are still coming true. It is said that the last pope will take the name of Saint Peter, and that he will announce the Anti Christ.
Well if you believe in that, the signs are there in the Bible, in History, and in Nature itself." do you think its true ? how is it different from the 2000 domsday?

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Thursday, May 20th, 2010 Surviving 2012 14 Comments