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2012, Polar Shift, UFOs, Earth Changes, NWO, Global Warming, Saoshyant http Book: HH Alexandra Hehpsehboah has an over 65 year track record of accurate global forecasts!! Dubbed “The Little Prophet Extraordinaire” by media during WWII when as a five year old child she gave safekeeping information to the Dutch Underground that helped save thousands of lives. World renowned as a prophet, recognized as the Saoshyant, and named the International Peace Speaker for First Nations, she educates and empowers millions in the TRUTH about mankind’s past, the current global agendas, what the future holds in store and tremendous spiritual (non-religious) empowerment. She says it the way it is, but never to generate fear. Knowledge is power and prompts positive, peaceful change. Check out her Limited Edition, one-of-a-kind book, “Be in the Know” which is not available in book stores as material is too hot to handle. See or http Religions, secret societies, governments, prophecies, insights, preparedness, safety locations, survival and the coming golden new era. Be empowered. BE IN THE KNOW!

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Will The World End In 2012?- by Lonnie Mackley

There have been a number of predictions about how the world may end in 2012. So is there any validity to these rumors, or should we just ignore them like many other claims from the past that didn’t come true? Watch this video and you may get some answers that can help you and your family to survive in the possible tough years ahead. Your future may depend on it.

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