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gravitational pull

Know any good contractors?

I am a disabled veteran looking for a good contractor, preferably not on the spendy side, who has experience in construction of galactic battle-stations. I am in need of a fully operational battle-station to be a symbol of my power, and to grant myself the ability to eradicate any planet in any system. The size should be roughly the size of that of a small moon. It should have the ability to destroy a planet (complete utter destruction of the structure of the planet/no living lifeforms to be able to survive/no noticeable features other than assorted asteroids) using a ray/beam/cannon, as long as the ray/beam/whatever is able to be produced by a generator over a couple days, and to be able to be produced many times. This ray/beam/cannon must be able to hit and destroy the planet from a far enough range that the gravitational pull of the planet/asteroid/moons does not danger the station. To be efficient at destroying multiple planets, the station should be able to travel from system to system in fair time. When comparing my model to other models, I’ve noticed that a major flaw would be an exhaust shaft that, when fired with proton cannons, causes a mass meltdown and overall grand-destruction of the station. I have also discovered the existence of a tunnel, this was during production of the station, I’m not sure whether or not that this tunnel was intended to be covered up, but the entrance seemed to be finished, that led to the core of the station, and was vulnerable to destruction and inevitable meltdown. I want neither of these or anything that would bear any resemblance to whether it be concept or opportunity of meltdown/absolute destruction. To ensure the safety from similar battle-stations, mine has to have a great sensory system. To protect itself from large ships, great cannons must be added to destroy threats. To deter smaller ships, smaller cannons and turrets must be added. These safety measures will be also supported by a large shield system. While this is partially to show my power, I would like the inside to be comfortable. I don’t need the most up-to-date appliances and furniture, but I would like many of the basics (stove, oven, tv, game-systems, refrigerator, microwave, 4 slot toaster, juicer, clocks in convenient locations, blender, mixer, sound system). You will have to consult with my personal chef on kitchen appliances. Overall, I want a welcoming interior. There will be a housewarming party so if there are any recommended caterers, that would be appreciated. I wish to have construction to start by the beginning of 2012, able to occupy by that December (2012 much?), and completed after the next year, so I would like to have all bids in by September 1st. Being a fallen Clone War General, overshadowed by Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire, I find that this will finally show my dominance in the galaxy. Thank you for recomendations on good contractors who can fit following descriptions. No Rodians, Gungans, or Toydarians. Thank you.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment

What is the most stupid Astronomy and Space question?

Yes, well, it’s not really a question as such, just my annual publishing of the silliest ones I have collected.

Note these are genuine, and do not include 2012 questions. You must see the last one – it takes the cake.


ok ok, racently i posted a question asking if the earth is flat. eveyone says it s round and cerculer. are you sure?

Supposedly we landed on the Moon in 1969, but how did we get there? The space shuttle launch videos show the shuttle going up into the sky, but you would have to dig through the ground to get out of Earth.

If the earth is round why doesn’t the water of the earth just fall below space?

Instead of going UP to space why don’t we go out of the SIDE of the Earth?

Do you think our planet will ever sink?

Why has the antartic not fallen off the earth since gravity holds things down and the antartic is at bottom?

Does the sun orbit the Earth or the Earth orbit the sun?

What colour is the dark side of the sun?

Do you believe in dinosaurs?

Where does the moon set – East or West?

I’ve just watched the moon disappear down behind a mountain in the last few minutes. Is thls normal?

Does earth’s gravitational pull relate to personal health? Lots of people I know got sick or injured last week

Why does the sun rise in the East and set in the West at the same time every day?

Can the sun rise at noon or even set in the east instead of the west?

Why can’t you see the moon in the daytime?

What do you suppose is on the dark side of the moon?

Are stars ever covered by clouds?

Where do the stars go during the day?

Where do the stars come from when it gets dark?

Is it always dark on the moon?

If the Earth stops spinning, will we all fly off?

With my telescope looking at the moon, I cannot see the footprints from the astronauts, the American flag that was left, nor any debris.

I saw the moon in daylight and it was a half moon. How can that be possible if the Earth’s shadow is supposed to eclipse it

Why haven’t they used the space shuttles to go to the moon?

What causes the phases of the moon?

Why is the North Star the brightest in the sky?

How many constellations are there in the galaxy?

Is It Possible That Global Warming Is Caused By the Earth Getting Closer To The Sun???

How come we see the moon in the day but not the sun at night?

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Saturday, August 6th, 2011 2012 Astrology 11 Comments

What do you think NOW?

The year 2012 will see multiple earthquakes not of 8.9 like Japans recent one but of 12.0 to 15.0 and greater. These will occur in the oceanic ring of fire, along all the major fault lines where the plates intersect, and on continental land mass as well. and it will be caused by a shifting of the earths axis to greater than 23.5 degrees. This shift will be caused by the gravitational pull of the sun on earth as it transcends through the galactic plane…(the thinnest edge of our Milky Way galaxy), where heavy gravational forces are at their strongest from the black hole at the center of our galaxy. Expect solar bursts so extensive that all communication on earth will be wiped out for long periods of time if not permanently. It is now March of 2011.. Soon…very soon, by 2012, not one will be able to deny this. A planetary sized object is now heading toward the earth from outer space, and will be seen by all of mankind by 2012. Scientists see it now, but this knowledge will not be revealed by World Governments till the object can be seen by eye, and appears in the heavens as it approaches earth. This is to avoid world panic, and give the governments of the world, hopefully, some time to come up with a plan of survival.

Earths sun will cross the galactic plane. This will intensify gravitational forces on the sun, which in turn will intensify gravitational pull on the earth, causing a shift in the axis and altering the 23.5 degree shift to a far greater degree. The pressure is now upon the axis and is beginning to bend it, causing the earths plates to shift violently as in Japans 8.9 quake. …which was the greatest earthquake ever recorded in Japanese history, and the 5th largest quake of all time ever recorded on earth. These incidents will now radically increase worldwide as pressure on the earths axis builds to the snapping point. The axis shift will be aggravated even more by the large space object now approaching earth in a strike line. It is visible to scientists who have been ordered not to disclose it for fear of premature public panic, until the worlds governments can attempt to figure a way to deal with it.

The earths axis of 23.5 is about to shift even greater. Any earthquake, or asteroid strike, has the potential to disrupt the earth spinning on its axis shifting the degree of its tilt. This has happened many times in the past…but mankind was not here during those catastrophic events. You are seeing but the beginning of changes that have never been witnessed before by mankind. The shifting axis, (a radical tilt) has not occurred just yet, but is building pressure and will soon snap, causing the earth plates to move and shift violently creating unheard sized earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions from one end of the globe to the other. These incidents will increase 100 fold within one year and a half world wide. …By 2012, the asteroid, or space object, which some have labeled Nibiru, and which so many have denied, will be able to be visibly seen by the naked eye, from the entire earth by all of mankind as it looms directly toward our planet from the heavens, striking us with a violence not seen since the earth was formed over 4.5 billion years ago.

Japan, in March of 2011, has now witnessed the greatest earthquake ever recorded in its own history, and the 5th largest earth quake of all time on the entire earth ever recorded. These disasters will increase till 2012 with astounding shock and awe around the entire globe. Soon NO ONE will be able to deny what is presently occurring. The axis of Earth is about to radically shift, causing intense pressure on the internal planetary plates, which will move throughout the earth inner crust. This will result in massive volcano eruptions worldwide as well, and massive floods and weather changes disrupting all life on earth. Governments will fall into chaos as well. Oil will be cut off completely, and the world will panic. The Japanese quake is a wake up call. This activity is about to spread over the face of the globe. And it will do so between Now (March 2011)…and December of 2012 when our sun crosses the galactic gravational line of our Milky Way Galaxy. And by 2012, the space object now approaching Earth will come into full public view, leaving no room for denial. It is now classified top secret information not released, so public panic does not occur before hand, giving the world governments a chance to come up with a plan of survival for mankind. Stock food. And water. Soon you will need it.If any of us make it


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Tuesday, March 15th, 2011 2012 Survival 9 Comments

why might world end in 2012?

why might the world end in 2012, ive been reading about this and it says that the gravitational pull of a black hole in the center off gravity in addition to sun spots will cause our poles to shift or something. thing is it says that this happens about every 26 some odd thousand years. but i know that humans have been around longer than that and if we survived that before im sure we could survive it again. so what i want to know is what makes 2012 different from those 26 thousand years ago
i know that the mayan calander ends on the date, and i don’t want to hear it won’t happen, i just want to hear some argument about what will scientifically happen around that time

i am catholic and i know about the theif in the night, but i want to hear why some argue that it will end, not argue why it won’t end

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Saturday, November 20th, 2010 Prepper Survival 12 Comments

2012: Planet Nibiru/Planet X collision with Earth: Hoax?

Is the 2012 Mayan Prophesy true or false? I’m real into astronomy and I just wanna know. I seen these pictures and someone said that if the object in the pictures was Planet Nibiru, it was way past Pluto. Wouldn’t the gravitational pull of some of the other planets change the orbit of Nibiru?

Also, I heard that this… collision was supposed to happen in May, 2003. Obviously it didn’t happen, so could this be a lie that a "cult" or something started, just trying to cause world panic?

If this is answered, please try to support your answer with SOMETHING not stated here.

Please and thank you for your time!

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Monday, October 18th, 2010 2012 Astrology 19 Comments

What do you think will happen between now and Dec 2012?

A. Nothing
B. Minor geological event
C. Increasing earthquakes to the point where a city like Seattle could be devestated
D. Massive quakes, Volcanic erruptions, but we survive
E. Gravitational pull will cause a super volcano to errupt, giant Tsunamis will wipe out cities, most or all of human civilization will perish within 5 years after
ummm. F? There is an option A..nothing

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Monday, July 19th, 2010 Prepper Survival 8 Comments

What Will Be the Effects of the planet Nibiru Passing by Earth in 2012?
What Will Be the Effects on Earth?

As stated before, the gravitational pull of a planet entering the inner solar system would have profound effects on the other orbiting bodies, including Earth. In fact, the Anunnaki story says that a previous appearance of Nibiru was responsible for the "Great Flood" recorded in Genesis, in which nearly all life on our planet was extinguished (but saved, thanks to Noah). Going even further back, some researchers into this topic suspect that Nibiru once even collided with Earth millions of years ago, creating the asteroid belt and resulting in the enormous gouges in our planet that the oceans now fill.

Mark Hazelwood and others say that Earth is in for some massive and catastrophic changes as Nibiru approaches. Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, a pole shift and other natural disasters will be so severe, Hazelwood says, that "only a few hundred million people will survive." Another site says the gravitational pull of Nibiru might even stop the Earth’s rotation for three days, citing the "three days of darkness" predicted in the Bible.

Some of the Nibiru researchers also cite the prophecies of Edgar Cayce who predicted that we would soon suffer monumental Earth changes and a pole shift, even though he did not attribute them to anything as specific as a visiting planet. And, of course, the much-analyzed Mayan calendar is said to set the "end of world" in December, 2012.

Astronomers and other scientists who would seem to be in a position to know such things have made no announcements about the approach of any planet-sized body. Apparently, they have not detected anything of the kind. Those who believe Nibiru is approaching, however, say that scientists do know all about it and are just covering it up.

As with any such predictions, time will tell.

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Thursday, July 1st, 2010 Surviving 2012 8 Comments