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Apple Maps Out a Google-Free Future

BY EVAN THOMAS ANCHOR NATHAN BYRNE There could be even less Google in your next iPhone. 9to5Mac reports Apple will drop Google Maps in favor of an in-house solution with iOS 6. The blog cites trusted sources, who say Apple’s maps will be faster and more reliable than Google’s. The application will be built on various mapping companies Apple acquired over the last few years, and the overhaul will come complete with a new icon. All Things Digital independently confirmed the rumors. One source said the new maps will “blow your head off.” “I’m not quite sure what that means, and the source in question declined to elaborate, but it’s likely a reference to the photorealistic 3-D mapping tech Apple acquired when it purchased C3 Technologies.” All Things Digital says C3’s mapping tech is based on software originally designed for missile targeting. An airborne array of cameras picks up images from various angles, which are crunched into the 3D images seen in this video from Cult of Mac. The visual polish is a nice touch, but TechCrunch says Apple wouldn’t have been able to cut ties with Google if it hadn’t had a database of its own. “While C3′s tech seems to have been used in building features, the purchase of white-label mapping service Placebase presumably allowed Apple to build up their store of map data to the point where they apparently feel comfortable giving Google the boot.” And GigaOM suggests Apple is indeed comfortable in distancing itself from a competitor. “This is

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Amazon kindle 2011.flv New Kindle in 2011 – 2012 Kindle – Kindle Next Gen 2011 New Technology E Ink Pearl makes the best reader e Kindle eReader best for 2011 and 2011. Kindle is the best reader electronic book market. 3 Create your Kindle in Kindle waterproof cover waterproof. Buy New Generation Kindle Kindle is the latest generation the perfect gift for birthdays and Christmas 2011. Kindle ebook reader 3 more portable and affordable than ever! Turning the Christmas gifts are the perfect gift for nerds on your gift list. The 3 eReader Kindle is best for teens and adults. Use the Kindle 3 in Google Maps and you also have GPS! Access Google Maps on Kindle eReader by 3 and has GPS. Next Generation iPad – IPAD2 3rd Generation Wireless Kindle reader is a portable and affordable. Sleek new Amazon Kindle 3 has a high contrast enhance e-ink screen with a contrast of 50% better! Fonts darker and brittle with enhanced clarity. Read your Kindle e-book Reader 3 in the sun without glare. In the third heat, glare is not a factor. Ebook reader Kindle offers a reading experience nature without glare so you will not suffer from eye strain. eReaders for Kids New Kindle has a slim design with a smaller body. Reading area is still the same size as the Kindle 2. Thin Kindle has 3 less bulk without sacrificing an important place in reading. Amazon Kindle 3 is 15% lighter – less than a lightweight book. You can even access maps in Kindle 3. flipping pages faster, increasing the PDF reader

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Very Funny Talking GPS 2012

Sub and Like If you wanna get it coz just of the girl… You’ve got a busy summer ahead. Before setting out on that road trip out West or back East, you’ll have to find time to download some travel music. (We recommend new releases from Common, My Morning Jacket and Weezer.) After that, we’ve got another assignment for you that promises to make your summer trip easier and may enhance your listening habits, too: Get a portable navigation system. Of course, we wouldn’t dream of leaving you out in the cold on such an important decision, so we’re updating last year’s portable navigation system roundup with four new or newly improved portable systems. Since our last portable navigation review, a few of the units we sampled have changed significantly, plus there are two all-new units that seem promising on paper — the Dash Express and Becker Travel Assistant. More Than Just Directions Although most navigation systems have the same map data provided by one of two companies, all units are not the same. The interface, computing time and features vary greatly. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for a portable navigation device is that price isn’t a good indicator of quality. Some of the poorest-performing devices can also be the most expensive. On the other hand, even midprice brands offer tons of features, including a way to play those downloaded Weezer tracks. Another notable feature is real-time traffic — all the units featured here have it. If you don’t need features like

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2012 Honda Gold Wing — Plan To Go Everywhere

There’s big news when it comes to the new 2012 Honda Gold Wing. Because we’ve taken what is the world’s best touring motorcycle and made it even better. The new bodywork is the first thing you’ll notice, complementing what is the best engine and chassis package the touring world has ever seen. Look a little further and you’ll discover great new improvements to the audio system, the available navigation system, and the Gold Wing’s comfort, too. And there’s new functionality, as well, like integrated iPod® connectivity and the ability to upload trips to the navi system from your home computer.

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The 2012 NWO Agenda 11/12 ~ Illusion of Global Partnership and New World Religion/Culture

All credits to nibirushock: Part 11/12 ‘Your World IS Changing’~ organization religious faith tibet mexico canada australia america europe south north american union russia china states reality oil army military bases oath constitution generation history future nazi germany precedent middle east

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