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Nostradamus 2012 Prediction!

Enjoy each day of 2012 before the big meteorite comes down and lands on your pretty lil’ head. We’re gonna die, people! Die! Die! Die! Die!

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Sunday, February 26th, 2012 Nostradamus 2012 3 Comments

Mayan Calendar Prediction 2012

Does the Mayan Calendar predict Armageddon in 2012? Could the end of days be near?

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 Aztec Calendar 5 Comments

Zoya Nail Polish Can Save Planet X

The IT department at Zoya has been secretly operating NAIL National Alien Intelligence League to monitor space transmissions. This transmission was recently received as a plea for the citizens of Planet X which is due to orbit near earth in the next couple of years.

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Tuesday, December 20th, 2011 2012 And Planet X 7 Comments

Public Speaking: Special Occasion Speech – The year 2100

This is my “Special Occasion” speech and feel I did very well. I was allowed to make up an occasion to give my speech about, so I decided to pretend that the audience had woken up from Cryogenic suspension in the year 2100. I gave them a briefing on how the world had changed based on what is expected to occur over the next 89 years if the present direction remains as it is. I was able to hold the audience attention and some said it was the best one yet. I look forward to uploading it when I get the video in. All that is left now is the “Group Persuasive Speech” which I am confident will be done well. I have Public Speaking class aced. Although this is a work of Fiction, every claim made in the video about past events are true and if changes are not made this represents a possible, nay, probable future. Bibliography I. “Future Maps.” Timeline 2012 • Balanced View on Consciousness and Science. Timeline2012. Web. 04 Dec. 2011. II. “Video: The Rise | Watch FutureStates Online | PBS Video.” Watch PBS Online | PBS Video. Web. 04 Dec. 2011. III. “Google Image Search” Web. 04 Dec. 2011. IV. “Pollution: Where Have All the Baby Boys Gone? – Environment – The Independent.” The Independent | News | UK and Worldwide News | Newspaper. Web. 04 Dec. 2011. V. Costello, Tom. “Male Fish Becoming Female?” NBC News, 9 Nov. 2004. Web. 4 Dec. 2011.

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Thursday, December 8th, 2011 Future Maps of 2012 No Comments

Why is it always 2012?

Everything seems related to armageddon or 2012! global warming, increased seismic activity, myan and incan calendars, solar flares whatever else. even aliens seem to have something to do with it all. my husband believes most of it and i don’t. all coincidence? or is the world over next year??

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Sunday, October 30th, 2011 Mayan Calendar No Comments

Greedy Lying Bastards Film Trailer

What happens when one industry has too much power? Politicians become pawns. Laws are created and prevented. Regulations are bypassed. Information is controlled. Dissent is stifled. Our climate changes. And people die. GREEDY LYING BASTARDS is a documentary film exposing the shocking lengths the fossil fuel industry travels to ensure maximum profits for executives and shareholders. In the United States, this industry spends millions of dollars annually to lobby Congress, ensuring the political support necessary to pass supportive or block restrictive laws. Using this control, the industry has managed to dictat…e energy and climate policies in the US, working alongside federal administrations. The same industry has spent millions of dollars to fund think tanks, organizations, and scientists who have waged a global campaign of deceit regarding the science of climate change and its dire impacts. Those who have spoken out against the corruption, environmental and health impacts caused by its irresponsible business practices have been assaulted, jailed, tortured, and murdered. This unchecked corporate drive for profits has come at the expense of workers, families, indigenous peoples, the environment, and threatens our very survival on the planet. It has and continues to undermine democracy in the United States. Greedy Lying Bastards was filmed on location in the United States, Tuvalu, Fiji, England, Belgium, Denmark, Kenya, Uganda, Peru, Colombia, El Salvador, Mexico

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Friday, October 7th, 2011 2012 Survival No Comments

Anyone think the world is going to end before 2100?

there are videos online about this.
that human life is going to end on this planet before 2100.
smart scientists and doctors are saying this.
check out the video.

I can tell there is a decline in life and life…
people are more rude and mistreating their kids like never before…
2012 isn’t that far off…
the way this system was made people are not meant to survive.
all the countless debt people have just to live.
jobs are becoming harder to come by.
check out this links!
haha I’m not a nutter.
you are.
the stuff I put holds value.
global warming, wars, economic recession, etc.

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Thursday, September 8th, 2011 Prepper Survival 8 Comments

Will we have a pole shift?

The glaciers around the world are very heavy and helped pin down the tectonic plates. With global warming the glaciers are melting and the result is many earthquakes and volcanoes.

Then in August 2010 the San Francisco Bay Area also has a major earthquake and the Delta levees are damaged and the California water supply is compromised. For the geological movements 2010 is bad, 2011 is worse, and 2012 is even worse.

In 2012 the earth’s crust which is then sort of floating and free to move, then does exactly that and the poles switch places. Only 25% of people survive the devastation.

Then the local space aliens having predicted all this and having prepared for it take the opportunity to come and join us in inhabiting the earth to "help" us. They tell us it will be a "merger of equals". Except some are more "equal" than others.

Is this plausible or am I just making up stories?

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Friday, September 2nd, 2011 Prepper Survival 2 Comments

when is the end of the world!!!?

I hear the world is suposed to end in 2012…and im not just talkin about myan shit or w/e… whats up with global warming and the ice caps?
please fill me in guys


Sunday, August 28th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 14 Comments

I am writing a novel, but I have a question!?

I have my novel idea and I think it is pretty good but idk how I should organize it. Here is my idea:
I was thinking of having about 3+books if I can organize my books that way.

Series Idea:
Is about the happenings of 2012 and the destruction of the world and what happens afterward.

Book 1:
I was going to start by introducing my main characters. I was going to have a first person of a 22 year college student who is studying the changes in the earth. My other thought is if I should put it from a point of view of a teenager or younger kid whose dad is studying the changes in the earth. If I did the first one I was going to have it where the college student works hard for about 6 months to get in touch with the president about his findings that the world is going to end by natural events. However the second idea I would make it where the dad has connections with the pres. and tells him practically right away. I am hoping this take up most of the beginning of the book then the rest would be how they survive through the natural events and the book would end with them coming out of shelter to a new world. Now my question for the first idea is should I make it where global warming and pollution cause natural events (like "Day After Tomorrow"), to end the world or like a nuclear war, aliens (lol wow), or whatever I am asking for ideas to make the world end and what point of view I should write it from. I am also going to write to matter what from the 3-rd person about the president and what the government thinks.

Book 2:
I was going to start off maybe at the time of the myans or some ancient species that saw the coming of the end of the world in 2012 (also wondering if I should change the date just to mix it up! XD). Then I would go back to point of view (chose above) with them coming out and I would describe the new world. Then for sometime I would write about have hard times of no food and water. Then I would start to write about how a they found a sustainable area and started to make a small living area there with gardens and water. Hope this sounds good so far.

Book 3: If I cant fit all of above in two books then I will break it down and maybe end book to with them find the sustainable area and begin with there building of the town here. And then continue to write how other survivers came and they created the New Second Beginning of mankind. But if it all fit in two then I wasn’t sure what to write so any ideas would be great. And I wan thinking if I should have the main character live forever and be the leader to make sure nothing like this happened again, but idk so any ideas that you can add to my current ones would be great thanks!!!

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Saturday, August 27th, 2011 2012 Survival 3 Comments