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2012 London Olympics Staged Alien Landing

NO TO BIOCHIP – is a global warning campaign aimed at awakening the public to the government’s covert plan to implement mass mind control by enforcing biochip technology as a new mandatory economic order throughout the globe. How shall those of us who will refuse this fast approaching fascist dictatorship, buy and sell following the abolition of cash, in order to fund the resources that we and our families need to survive? If you wish to discuss this topic further, please login to my BLOG:- You can also download my book for free @

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Well Well Well..Putin 'may seek 2012 re-election' What do you think of this!?

Putin has said he expects to remain an influential figure in Russian politics after he steps down next March.

Speaking to Western journalists and academics, he did not rule out standing for president again in 2012
This Age Ends in 2012 on the Winter Solstice-
The last 100 years or so has been the bloodiest, the most tragic, in all of history, and that is saying a lot. Never before have we had weapons of mass destruction that can virtually wipe out humanity: nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. These weapons are proliferating into the hands of terrorists and those states that support them, and recombinant DNA technology can potentially create even more deadly germ warfare agents
So we have the lovely prospect of China and Russia locked in mortal combat, and the United States, with its central states turning into a dust bowl, barely able to feed its own people. In a global competition for survival between large and small nuclear powers

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