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Melbourne – New Moon – 5.2 Quake

According to Universe Today, this month’s New Moon is at June 19, 15:02 (Universal Time).

According to the USGS and The Age, Moe (country town not far from Melbourne) had a 5.2 magnitude earthquake at June 19, 10:53.

My recent research has determined that major earthquakes are more likely during lunar eclipses. And some of the most catastrophic earthquakes recently have occurred during solar eclipses. They are the same alignments as full and new moons, only more precise.

The other observation I have made is that at those times earthquakes are more likely in places that are not usually associated with earthquakes. Like the UK and Australia. Just two weeks ago, during full moon, Ireland had their biggest ever recorded earthquake.

It’s pretty much statistically impossible (for me anyway) to show that such quakes are becoming increasingly more common. But they certainly could be, and it seems that way. Every two weeks from here on in – new and full moons – should be treated with respect and caution. It doesn’t matter if I am right, just that I could be. Occasional heightened alertness is harmless, so give it a go. I am officially on heightened alertness. While recent quakes might not be statistically unusual, in a 2012 meme context they could be indicative of something heavy looming.

Did I feel it?

My wife and puppy did. Something fell in another room. But to my embarrassment I didn’t notice it. My super-duper Aeron office chair probably absorbed it… so what is more important, my back or survival?? That’s a bloody difficult question!

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Prepare For 2012 Quakes And Flares

Three minute coverage of Portland Preparedness Center and Preparedness News Network

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Thursday, May 24th, 2012 Prepper Survival No Comments

5-21-2012 America needs to PREPARE for Earthquakes-Take Heed Please

Earthquakes America Matthew 24 Everything that can be shaken will be shaken get prepared now don’t wait any longer please I urge you

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2012 Predictions: End of the World or Beginning of the End?

Seems like yesterday that the world stood still and watched in horror as 9-11 unfolded. 10 years have since gone by and though the world has not come to an end, the world is a very different place as 2012 dawns than it was as the year 2000 dawned. At the end of 2010 I posted an article on my website and blog titled 2011 PREDICTIONS; in this report I will review those predictions and update them for the much anticipated year 2012 that many are claiming will bring the end of the present world; I do not agree with the Mayan calendar, Dec. 21, 2012 end of the world date nor will I propose a date for the end. I am more concerned with the process of the end, I am more concerned with being aware of, and understanding the events that will unfold as the world comes to an end rather than setting dates for the end. The world as we know it will come to an end, that much is certain, but it will not be an instantaneous process, it will last years and maybe decades; therefore it is futile to set exact dates for the end. In a manner of speaking the world has been ending since the day it began, so the process has been going for ages but this process will be greatly hastened as we get closer to the time of the final end.

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Survive Pole Shift 2012 Planet X Nibiru Flyby Earthquakes Tyche or Alien Invasion HEMP Nuclear Survive Pole Shift 2012 – Planet X, Nibiru Flyby, Tyche or Alien Invasion – HEMP, Nuclear Fallout, Tsunami, Volcano Eruption, Earthquakes The shelters are specifically designed and developed to protect people during and after disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, firestorms, power failures, nuclear & chemical accidents, nuclear, biological, & chemical terrorism, and full-scale protracted nuclear, chemical, biological war and earth pole shift. Built by the same contractor that builds bunkers for the US Government! If you don’t want to move to a community you can get a free quote on a personal or corporate bunker. Check us out in the news

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March 22, 2012 Next Mega Earthquake, AXIS Shift / US Could Be Next!

Chile, Japan, Fiji, New Zealand all fell victim to large, devastating earthquakes, and you will notice there is a 188/189 day pattern between each mega quake. These quakes have shifted the Earth’s axis, and the upcoming date for the next mega quake is March 22, 2012. The United States could very well be next. Please pass this video on to your friends, family, and local news stations to pass this information along to help prepare people! I do not give a damn about publicity or credit, we can save lives by passing this information along! Thank you, GTM1 Portland, OR

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2012 Pole Shift Disaster Survival

Shelter Quote (Free no obligation quote) The shelters are specifically designed by a leading Department of Defense contractor to protect occupants and provide a safe, sustainable long term living environment in the event of a disaster. The shelters are available in private, community and corporate configurations. The larger community shelters offer limited space for vehicles and can sustain larger numbers of occupants when units are interconnected. All shelter configurations share a unique design that provides a high strength structure that can last for more than 250 years with both safety and operational elements unlike any other underground shelters available today. These structures have been deployed for the military as well as both local and federal agencies across the country. With over 1100 shelters completed world wide this shelter solution is the top pick for many corporations and individuals across the globe with the foresight to plan for the future. If you don’t want to move to a community shelter you can get a free no obligation quote for a private or corporate shelter. Shelter Quote (Free no obligation quote) Check us out in the news:

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SURVIVING THE NIBIRU EVENT ,FOR THE ORDINARY FAMILY THAT WONT COST A FORTUNE This week The Informer reveals a cheep alternative plan to survive the coming Nibiru Event that is designed for the masses that wont cost a fortune that could well save your lifes as the poles shift ,plus a warning from major Ed Dames and his remote viewing team that a massive Kill Shot solar flare will hit earth very soon knocking our planet back to the dark ages and has the informer filmed the second sun appearing behind the clouds timeline mon 12th march 2012 all this weeks news links are on my website just click on the link goto the top lefthand corner of the opening page and click on informer news links ,you will find all this weeks news links under this week titled video at the top of the page .

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3/11/2012 — One year since Japan Earthquake , Tsunami , and Nuclear Meltdown

It has been a full year since the tragedy in Japan — the super-massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed immediately by a very large tsunami which destroyed the east coast of Japan — including a fully stocked series of Nuclear reactors at the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant. Tens of thousands of people died in the immediate tsunami wave — hundreds of people killed around the Pacific ring as the waves traveled half way across the world — hitting shorelines as far as west Coast USA .. and East Coast Africa. The nuclear fallout from the Fukushima meltdown and EXPLOSION is still ongoing — the global death toll from this still very active situation will never fully be known. There were DOZENS of other large earthquakes globally which killed thousands more — Turkey, South America, Central America, and New Zealand. Volcanic eruptions and flows at a very noticeable high — as seen at Sakurajima Japan, El Hierro Canary Islands, or Pu’u’ O’o in Hawaii — Alaska, Russia, central and south america, Italy, and the Continental United states also showing signs of volcanic activity ! BILLIONS of animals have died worldwide.. birds, fish, cattle, sea creatures such as dolphins and whales.. even down to jelly fish…. literally BILLIONS washing up in mass quantities worldwide. THOUSANDS of people killed in severe weather (possibly 10’s of thousands injured).. just by severe weather in the USA, Australia, and Europe. 2011 and 2012 have proved to be HUGE storm years.. 2011

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2012 Safe Locations Safe Locations Revealed

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