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Prepare For Light Body 2012 Q&A Part 2 – Human Evolution

Light Body Webcasts: more videos: Video PlayList About The LightBody DR PILLAI: ACQUIRE A LIGHT BODY IN 2012 HUMAN EVOLUTION PART 2 of 3: Questions and Answers About The Light Body QUESTION 1: Once initiated, how long does it take to develop the light body? The lower limit is the wink of an eye and how much daily practice is needed. The person asking the question is referring to the Bible where Paul said, “the corruption of the physical body will not inherit the kingdom but in the wink of an eye, the body will turn into light.” And that is the ideal situation. I want that to happen because Paul was not just guessing. He was informed by higher beings; in this case, Jesus: this is what is going to happen. So that is a gift from the divine. But then, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself for that. There are initiations I have started giving to people. These are the techniques used by siddhas like Babaji, who is very well known in the West, to turn their bodies into light. There are so many techniques, primarily, techniques that you use in the area of your brain. How long does it take? Not too long. Meaning that it can be very short, as quickly as a year or two because of the threshold of the 2012. Beginning of 2013, it will be very easy. So 2012 is a preparatory period. And beginning of 2013 it’s all going to be very, very fast. QUESTION: Is there a time window in developing the light body or is there a deadline

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Singapore Event: Dr. Pillai’s New Years Seminar, Activate Your LightBody – 31 Dec 2011 & 1 Jan 2012

Singapore Light Body Course: visit Singapore Blog Dr. Pillai’s Website: During Dr Pillai’s 2-day Light Body Seminar and Initiation in Singapore (31 Dec 2011 & 1 Jan 2012), not only will Dr Pillai initiate into the Light Body techniques from His mystical Tamil Siddha tradition, Dr Pillai will also teach you Advanced techniques to enable you to access RADHA’s & KRISHNA’s divine energies. RADHA & KRISHNA are divine archetypes who can give you the ability to acquire the power of material creation (manifesting), joy, abundance and bliss. In order to accelerate your spiritual and material evolution, besides giving you the teachings and techniques to master RADHA’s & KRISHNA’s energies, Dr Pillai will also initiate you into Advanced RADHA & KRISHNA manifesting techniques. Update Website For more info, visit http Singapore Blog:

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Prepare For Light Body 2012 Q&A Part 3 – Human Evolution

Website: more videos Video PlayList About The LightBody DR PILLAI: ACQUIRE A LIGHT BODY IN 2012 HUMAN EVOLUTION PART 3: Questions and Answers About The Light Body Question : After receiving the light body, can one immediately fly away into the heavenly realms and assist humanity in their evolution from there? or does one need to remain in the present situation? Answer: It’s a choice. Whether you want to stay here or stay anywhere else is your choice and the question of staying in one place is relevant only as long as you are three-dimensional material beings. As a Light Body, you can be present anywhere and everywhere simultaneously and time is not a factor at all. Distance is not a factor at all. So that question is not relevant to the Light Body. It’s only relevant to the meat body. Question: How does one prepare for the Light Body? Answer: It’s an important question because we don’t want to miss the boat. We can miss the boat, definitely by simply adhering to the materialistic model and getting lost in this world process. We have done this many times, but we don’t want to do it now because this is a very, very precious time and what is worth in life is evolution. And that evolution means the march towards pure energy from material existence. But if you just get stuck in the material realm and then are satisfied with it, then it’s a personal choice. Although nature is giving us a fantastic opportunity by giving us

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Acquire A Light Body: Dr. Pillai’s Initiation Events: 2011, 2012 & Beyond

Learn More: website: Video PlayList About The LightBody http Dr. Pillai Reveals Light Body Activation Initiation Events: 2011, 2012 & Beyond When: New Years, December 31-January 1, 2012 Where: Singapore In the upcoming New Year’s seminar in Singapore, Dr. Pillai will introduce the concept of the light body. This is the first time that he will teach publically about the Light Body. “Light Body is the only answer for all our sufferings. Money is not going to solve the problem. Even if everyone becomes a millionaire, which will never happen, it will never solve the problem. The problem will only be solved when our physical body turns into light. It might appear to be a very farfetched concept, but it is doable.” About 300 some years ago, Isaac Newton saw the possibility of it: “The changing of bodies into light and light into bodies is very comfortable to the course of nature which seems delighted with transmutations.” ~ Isaac Newton Later on, Einstein said that energy and matter are the same. In the Bible, Paul very clearly said there is no redemption for us or no kingdom for us unless the body turns into light. He said, “This corruption [this physical body] will never inherit the kingdom.” What will happen? He said, “In the wink of an eye, the body will turn into Light.” Existing literature from the Tamil siddha tradition: Many siddhas demonstrated the Light Body phenomenum and rose beyond pain, beyond death, beyond suffering

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Acquire A Light Body In 2012 – Part 1 – Human Evolution Q&A

Website: more videos Video PlayList About The LightBody ACQUIRE A LIGHT BODY IN 2012 HUMAN EVOLUTION PART 1: Questions and Answers About The Light Body ============================================================ I am delighted to do this particular video, which is just a question and answer session about the light body which I’ve been talking about in recent times. So I’ll go question by question. These are questions received from some of my students and and I think these will also help a lot of other people understand the concept of the light body. QUESTION 1: 1. Please explain the Light Body progression and I want to understand this process, first at a personal level. How will it affect me, physically emotionally and mentally? ANSWER: Light Body is the destiny of the human race. Destiny means a destination. It is the destiny which we are going to arrive at eventually. So what it means is just evolution. Evolution from an animal body into a Light Body and it often occurs in a cyclical fashion during a Saturday Yuga period which is the Golden Age. All religions agree that the Golden age is going to dawn and at that time, God will come and stay with us even according to the Bible. So at that time what is going to happen is the body will turn into Light. How will that process take place? In the past, there have been many methods used by the yogis and the Siddhas which involved meditation practices, very intense practices

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Jelaila gives an update on the first 2012, Nibiru, DNA and You! Intensive held in Austin, Texas. She also covers the connection between the I Am America map created by Gordon Michael Scallion and the Nibiruans’ 2005 template work on the areas within the US that will be affected.

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