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The Nostradamus Address

The translations presented in this Address are founded upon the original 1568 French Edition (Lyon) of Les Propheties De M. Michel Nostradamus which records Nostradamus’ Complete and Original Prophecies consisting of 10 Centuries of 942 Quatrains. Especial thanks to the owner Mario Gregorio for allowing me the use of the original editions and other relevant documents of the period and also for his valued assistance. Nostradamus’ Prophecies have been in continual regular print since first publication of ‘Les Propheties’ in 1555. Many editions have been produced by various and sometimes the same printing houses that human error in the process of typesetting has undoubtedly played its part. This has resulted in subtle and sometimes significant differences when the published editions are compared with one another. As such these variances needed to be studied, analysed and noted before proceeding with the work of serious translation. Presuming that Nostradamus would have mostly checked each new printing for accuracy, it is likely that when each edition was published he would have made corrections or even modifications for amendment and inclusion within the next publication. In addition to this there are also differences that need to be compared and considered in the pursuit of a better understanding and in determining the intended meaning of each Quatrain. In my opinion the 1568 published edition was the most suitable original source document on which to base this analysis as

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Nostradamus 2012 The Beginning

The Nostradamus Address My Life, Works and Prophecies concerning you Now By Michael Nostradamus and Das Abra A profound new understanding of Nostradamus’ life, works and prophecies is presented with great clarity and vision by Das Abra the inventor of polymorphic media. Providing evidence of Nostradamus’ recently fulfilled prophecies with some startling new revelations not previously known. Now after 500 years, as he predicted, Nostradamus sets out a clear and present warning, offering us new tools and a challenge to now unlock the truth of his prophecies. Illustrated. Also available as audio visual presentations including Film, Audio/MP3 and Video Enriched eBook. Also Available: Nostradamus’ Prophecies — The Comparative Translations By Michael Nostradamus and Das Abra The first thoroughly comprehensive comparative work of the earliest published editions of Nostradamus’ complete Prophecies. The original 1568 published omnibus edition which first contained all of 942 original quatrains has been compared with the earlier editions of 1555 and 1557 respectively. All differences in word, spelling and punctuation are clearly noted leading to some surprising differences in the meaning of the 942 Quatrains analysed. Two English translations offer the reader and researcher a much more comprehensive and complete understanding of Nostradamus and his Prophecies. This is a monumental work of great analysis yet is simply presented for the casual reader and professional scholar alike

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