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couple days

Know any good contractors?

I am a disabled veteran looking for a good contractor, preferably not on the spendy side, who has experience in construction of galactic battle-stations. I am in need of a fully operational battle-station to be a symbol of my power, and to grant myself the ability to eradicate any planet in any system. The size should be roughly the size of that of a small moon. It should have the ability to destroy a planet (complete utter destruction of the structure of the planet/no living lifeforms to be able to survive/no noticeable features other than assorted asteroids) using a ray/beam/cannon, as long as the ray/beam/whatever is able to be produced by a generator over a couple days, and to be able to be produced many times. This ray/beam/cannon must be able to hit and destroy the planet from a far enough range that the gravitational pull of the planet/asteroid/moons does not danger the station. To be efficient at destroying multiple planets, the station should be able to travel from system to system in fair time. When comparing my model to other models, I’ve noticed that a major flaw would be an exhaust shaft that, when fired with proton cannons, causes a mass meltdown and overall grand-destruction of the station. I have also discovered the existence of a tunnel, this was during production of the station, I’m not sure whether or not that this tunnel was intended to be covered up, but the entrance seemed to be finished, that led to the core of the station, and was vulnerable to destruction and inevitable meltdown. I want neither of these or anything that would bear any resemblance to whether it be concept or opportunity of meltdown/absolute destruction. To ensure the safety from similar battle-stations, mine has to have a great sensory system. To protect itself from large ships, great cannons must be added to destroy threats. To deter smaller ships, smaller cannons and turrets must be added. These safety measures will be also supported by a large shield system. While this is partially to show my power, I would like the inside to be comfortable. I don’t need the most up-to-date appliances and furniture, but I would like many of the basics (stove, oven, tv, game-systems, refrigerator, microwave, 4 slot toaster, juicer, clocks in convenient locations, blender, mixer, sound system). You will have to consult with my personal chef on kitchen appliances. Overall, I want a welcoming interior. There will be a housewarming party so if there are any recommended caterers, that would be appreciated. I wish to have construction to start by the beginning of 2012, able to occupy by that December (2012 much?), and completed after the next year, so I would like to have all bids in by September 1st. Being a fallen Clone War General, overshadowed by Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire, I find that this will finally show my dominance in the galaxy. Thank you for recomendations on good contractors who can fit following descriptions. No Rodians, Gungans, or Toydarians. Thank you.

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Tuesday, August 30th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment

Was i in a tornado what do u think ?

I don’t think my area was that hit hard enough to take the roof off the house, but the rain was going up a down looked like the rain was like wavey or something ( best i can describe it) Hailing, windy really windy. You could of barely see out side it was raining so hard. There was like 6 trees down by us and on the road to get to my house. Didn’t last long but omfg was i freaking out, so i went into my moms bathroom because it has no windows. It was lighting pretty bad also not as much thundering just a lot of Lightning. If i can survive a tornado i can survive 2012 muhaha. I was so scared i even called my mom at work crying on the phone.We had no power. Yea my luck when my mom got here it stopped lol.

What do you guys think was in a Tornado ? There was a warning for one so i am not sure.
I should of video tapped it and put it on youtube but i was so freaked out. My first tornado whoot whoot.
They said a tornado touched down on the news but me and my mom are not sure that it was near us.
It was a f1 tornado and was a couple days ago.

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Sunday, August 28th, 2011 Prepper Survival 1 Comment

Is Obama connected to 2012?

Theres word going around that Obama is friends with America hating racists, and that his wife is also racist, and that he is a terrorist, etc…

Also the 2012 prophecy says that during 2012 the world will end OR the world will change forever and we will all live in peace.

So if you think about it if Obama is elected, he should be getting out of office around 2012-2013….

Ps. just wondering….
I half believe in 2012 but NOT the Obama stuff…

btw, If the German Nazis almost conquered the whole world who’s to say America can’t? I mean if Obama becomes president and SOMEHOW manages to get total control, this will prove a bunch of things…

I don’t believe in this stuff just something that popped into my mind a couple days ago when I over heard some guys talking about Obama.
Just to make this clear I DO NOT believe this.

It’s a simple WHAT IF question.

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Saturday, April 9th, 2011 Prepper Survival 19 Comments