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any body believe in this end of the world crap?

im just asking is this true? all this end of the world crap is scarin me. it looks like its becoming true. i mean didnt a movie just come out about it? why 2012( thatttll be my senior year) i hear crap about the myan calender ending , the return of christ , a meterorite hitting or a space invasion by aliens ( which if you ask me it sounds stupid as hell). i mean i do believe the world will end one day but why 2012 ? why not 2000 like alll the wierdo’s were saying back when i was 5. is this end of the world in 2012 true and is it only based on that myan crap or the return of christ. and dusnt it seem like it will end in 2012 i mean look at the other side the world is wicked , then our air’s being polluted , the world government is forming , obama is failing like a president , isreal is coming together with other jewish countrys and not to forget that oprahs canncelling the year b4 its all suppost to happen

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Monday, September 12th, 2011 Mayan Calendar 22 Comments

Should I take the 2012 Armageddon serious?

I’ve learned growing up to always be prepared. My Uncle told me about this 2012 prediction when I was just entering my teens. Now that I am in my 30’s, I have learned more about surviving in worse case scenarios then I care to admit. But should I really be concerned about this? Or am I just worrying about nothing.
These are a couple of things I have heard an read over the years about 2012.
A major pole shift, where the north an south poles switch leaving us unprotected from solar radiation and em pulses from our sun.
The Mayan calender ends, And the world erupts in war.
Thanks. Joe
Yes, the magnetic poles do shield our plant from some forms of radiation and E.M.P’s. And yes I already know about the past and a few of the future telling of the end of the world as we know it or the END period. But I did not explain my ? well enough. 8 different soth sayers/ fortune tellers/ People that tell propheces of the future all from different ages and countrys, agree, Along with the ending of three Calendars ( Aztec, Mayan, and a ancient Chinese) on the same date Dec. 21, 2012. Look I believe that maybe a couple could of known of the one another, but not all of them. And the calendars all ending on the same date is just spooky.

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Saturday, April 16th, 2011 Prepper Survival 24 Comments