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Why dont Republicans ever stop to think about the future of our country?

I seriously believe that these people have an agenda to destroy our country and turn around and blame Obama for everything that went wrong in order to make him look bad so that they can take back the office in the 2012 Election by throwing out propaganda and spins on the truth. The future of our country rests in our hands and Republicans, banks and corporations are screwing it up for everyone. How many people do CEOS know who are looking for jobs, struggling to survive or who got layed off and now cant feed their kids? How many people do CEOS know like that? I know because Im looking for a job and it makes me frustrated that the Obama jobs plan was rejected by the hands of Republican Senators. Why dont we ever stop to think about the future?
What do you mean turn things around by now? The reason why they werent able to turn things around was because the Republicans kept blocking everything the President was trying to do. Dont try and twist my words around
So giving jobs to Americans is not good for the country? LOL I think your the one thats got it all backwards ma’am
They thumbed you down because they just cant handle the truth. They know that your right they just dont want to admit it. Dont let it bother you

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Friday, October 28th, 2011 Prepper Survival 11 Comments

Isn't it about time we broke this 2 party system a.k.a. the corporate moneybaggers?

Do you like that title I created just now? "MoneyBaggers" LOL

Anyway, here we go. Read this or don’t, the below points are not required to answer the question so don’t report me for ranting because I’m not ranting. In any case I have some points to make for you to consider:

Both parties are overtaken by lobbyism; both corporate and foreign interests. I’m talking about Pakistan, I’m talking about China, Israel and practically every other nation in the world with money to spend. I’m talking about big oil, I’m talking about pharmaceutical advertisement and lobbyism, I’m talking about the Military Industrial Complex. And before you conservatives start breathing down my neck for striking out at corporations, you should know that Abraham Lincoln would not stand for this and he was a very famous outspoken conservative president.

The world cannot survive without complete reliance on the US Military. But the US Military doesn’t belong to them. They don’t even train their own soldiers, these foreign nation’s soldiers can’t even do 20 pushups. I have epilepsy and I am stronger than they are. What’s wrong with that picture? If they want help with setting up a training system, fine, but these people don’t want to be trained. They want money, that’s it. They don’t care about anything because they don’t believe in anything.

Why is it that when any majority of US Citizens, of any political ideology, desire some sort of legislation then the politicians immediately condemn it and label it as ignorant or immoral. I’m talking about prison reform, I’m talking about legalizing cannabis, I’m talking about anything that a majority of citizens in the USA think is a good idea to legislate but it never gets done and it probably never will.

Anyway there is a lot to consider but the point is that I am a liberal and I have a lot of conservative friends. These conservative friends and I both have different solutions but we can all agree that there are problems. Expanding Medicaid is not a solution. Declaring War on another country without truly supporting our soldiers instead of paying lip service to them is not a solution. Enthroning the corporate monopoly and not supporting small local businesses is not a solution. Putting meth addicts on welfare without giving them proper drug tests is not a solution.

There are problems we all consider but regardless of whether or not you are affiliated with the Republicans or the Democrats, by offering no consequence to those who do not give you consideration then nothing will ever change and we will remain at status quo.
I want to offer them that consequence because I am tired of being ignored. I will not support my party if they do not actually recognize these problems that ALL OF US consider to be a problem.

It’s high time we send a message to these moneybaggers and show them who really holds the power in this country, and let the cards fall where they will. If they want to declare martial law, so be it. We will always survive and that consequence is better than sending our sons and daughters to wars that our politicians on both sides do not wish to equip our soldiers for. And yes, they ARE dying and our apathy is their worst enemy.

If you support Ron Paul, ask him to drop affiliation with the GOP. If you support people like Dennis Kucinich, ask them to drop affiliation with the Democratic Party. Throw your blind support out the window and promise yourselves to never again live apathetic in this dying nation.

I did not vote for Obama in 2008 and I will not vote for him in 2012. There are Democrats out there that alienate me from the system because I will not vote blindly and support politicians that believe only in filling their bank accounts with corporate money and influence. I don’t know about you, but I will not be silenced and I know there are Republicans out there that feel the same about their party not representing Republicans ideals, just as there are Democrats like me that feel the same, and on both sides of the spectrum there are people of all ideologies that are sick and tired of corporate lobbyism governing our nation.

Do you agree or disagree, and why?
If there was a strong 3rd party in the USA, what would you wish it’s ideology to be?
What are your thoughts on the state of those things mentioned here in this question?

And thanks for not reporting me for "ranting", any such reports will be appealed. 🙂
lol Foghorn, you get used to it. Thumbs won’t dictate who I give best answer to either way. 🙂

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Saturday, September 3rd, 2011 Prepper Survival 3 Comments

Does anyone else think that the "December 21 2012 Doomsday" is another hoax like the Y2K scam?

Y2K was a scam from corporations to buy tons of their products. Does anyone else think that about the new doomsday prophecy?

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Sunday, July 31st, 2011 Prepper Survival 21 Comments

The Illuminati & the New World Order

The state of the world crisis. NWO controls the world. china tyranny terrorism consciousness spirituality “prison planet” “info wars” “alex jones” egypt buddhism god truth spirituality knowledge wakening up wise truth vibrations the unified field slavery 2012 middle east history art revolution food crisis disaster inflation freedom history terrorism fluoridation science government occupation information deception paradigm matrix web law america recession depression nwo news forms particles creation thoughts the lion sleeps no more

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Wednesday, June 15th, 2011 Future Maps of 2012 2 Comments

Silver, Survival, The Messiah

Please listen to this sound advice and wisdom.

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Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 2012 Survival 25 Comments

Surviving Earth Changes ∞ Dr Deagle Show

Investigate haarp chemtrails fema coast to coast am gas oil price middle east 2012 conspiracy terror food crisis gold silver revolution inflation ron paul disaster riots protests jobs alex jones prison planet info wars nature real id card corporations wikileaks climate change police state…

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Friday, March 18th, 2011 Surviving 2012 3 Comments

The true reason Marijuana is Illegal. 3 Things you should know.

MUST SEE! How Big Corp made marijuana illegal: How America Gains by making Marijuana Legal The prohibition against marijuana may be one of the worst things ever enforced against the people. Proven to be a great organic health boon and protector, able to run your cars off of it, and save our trees – who really benefited from the prohibition – The Corporations. Get informed. Help stop the madness and give us back one of our most important resources. Miracle Marijuana Alcohol and Beer companies contribute big funds to stop Prop 19-

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2010 2012 Survival 26 Comments

Starve The Beast – July 15, 2010 – GLOBAL NONCOMPLIANCE!!!

PLEASE RATE, SHARE AND MIRROR THIS ON YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!! Over 6 Billion of us are held captive through corporate dominance. We are only profit and loss numbers. As we watch and wait for a solution, they transfer the wealth and bill us for our own destruction. We far outnumber those who oppress us, who control every continent and every country and greedily feast as they create our famine. We must starve them. We must withdraw support. It is time to break through the illusion… It is time to stop running from our lives and start living them… It is time for Peaceful Global Non-Compliance additional note YouTube user in5d is in the process of creating a new website, (which will be the name of my next in5d upcoming YouTube video that I’m working on). The website would feature a “Boycott of the Week” Or “Boycott of the Month” target (eg BP products, Walmart, Shell, etc…) Right now, the few control the many. If the many can control the few, then THAT will ultimately bring REAL change. Honors for this video (4) #98 -Most Viewed (Today)) – Science & Technology – Canada #66 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Science & Technology – United Kingdom #16 – Top Favorited (Today)) – Science & Technology #42 – Top Rated (Today)) – Science & Technology

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Thursday, July 15th, 2010 Mayan Calendar 26 Comments